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[Forum game] Players vs staff


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Maybe it helps you:


     - if you are newbie in TruckersMP community, go to Knowledge Base section;

     - if you need support, go to Help section or create a ticket here;

     - if you want to learn more about TruckersMP, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, go to Guides section;

     - if you want to join a virtual trucking company, go to VTC section.


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Hey everyone! 


This message does not count towards this game. I'd just like to remind everyone to follow the rules of this forum game. 


If we see that you are breaking the game rules numerous times, we'll take necessary action. If you see somebody that's intentionally not following the game rules on numerous occasions, please report the comment(s) and we'll deal with it. If it's only a one-time thing, just ignore the comment and move on please. Don't take matters into your own hands please. 


With that said, feel free to continue playing :).


Kind regards, 


TruckersMP GM + CML

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  Rules | Recruitment | Feedback | Support | Guides | Report System | Appeal System | Knowledge Base 


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