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  1. Bedankt voor jouw follow :)

    1. Hinter


      Graag gedaan! :D 

  2. Sad to see you go :(

    Good luck for the future, though! 

  3. Driving through Italia.



  4. Frosty.

    Future of ETS.

    I would like to see a rework of my country, the Netherlands.
  5. Flying the 737-8 again :)



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    2. Noxii


      Hmm Ryanair... :thinking:



    3. Vindow


      Where to?

    4. Frosty.


      I went from Edinburgh to Copenhagen @Vindow.

  6. Frosty.

    Which DLC I should buy?

    I would go for Italia, Scandinavia or France if you have some leftover in your wallet . You can have a look at https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/. On there the prices differ from the ones on Steam.
  7. Frosty.


    Hi there, It is not needed to have a microphone to join the team as Support. You can read all the requirements you have to meet here. If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to ask! Frosty
  8. Frosty.

    Discussions about players

    Here are some names: @Smoky_TMP because he's friendly and kind . @Keezome, well, also because he's friendly and it's relaxing to drive together . @Bonnm because he's a troll, just like me @Nataliia best community moderation manager we've ever had :p @Pillow_ fav community manager @MHT_ Support team memories :3 @NeonLeon was very helpful when I was in the support team :3 @TFM DJ ccowie nice guy as well :3 I mentioned a project manager :run:
  9. "You shall not pass."



  10. Frosty.

    Ban appeal

    Hello there, If you have appealed your ban before, then you can do it again if it was declined. However, do not expect your ban to be removed, as a ban is a ban, and it will not be removed just because you want to join the team. If you would like to talk about this with higher staff, then follow the link above (feedback) - management may remove your ban, although I'm not sure how that works. Don't expect much from it, though. Again, a ban is a ban, you broke the rules, and you were punished for that. Let us know if you have any more questions, Frosty.
  11. As it has been a while, I had a short but great drive with @Keezome to end the day. Good night everyone and thanks again Keez <3 :)



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    2. BlackSkill


      Good Night, wish you great weekends ;) 

    3. dibam83
  12. Thanks again Nat for everything you've done for me and for everyone! I would, again, like to wish you the best of luck in the future.



  13. Frosty.

    Help me support

    Hi there, I suggest you go to support as staff cannot delete an account for you. At support you can request your log in data to be changed, so you can log in again, you will have to go through a few steps in order for them to change your email and password - if needed. Cheers
  14. Frosty.

    Game "Cities"