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[Forum game] Players vs staff

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Hey there!   The way this game works is pretty easy: We count from 1 to 50 in single steps (First post: 1, Second post: 2, Third post: 3,...)  The goal is to reach number 40.  

Slow down guys

Did you guys know that cows are intelligent enough to make friends. In fact, it's thought that each cow on the planet has a best friend of sorts.

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When we are talking about numbers, did you know that if we write the numbers in English, it would have to reach the number 1,000 before the letter "a" is finally being used?


Like 13, which is "thirteen", no "a" inside.

Like 0, which is "zero", no "a" inside.


And I think zero would be the only number that have the letter "z", I don't know... maybe I am wrong... but anyway...


// Mission accomplished.

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Why people love 10? People tended to make up lists with 10 items.


Because 10 sounds official. 10 sounds important. And 10 sounds satisfying.


If you can only come up with 9 items, the 10th one should've be knocked out from the list.


If you came up with 11 items, sorry but the 11th is out of the race. Just like how important the number 10 is.


If you came up with a list with 9 or 11 items, the credibility might drop quite a bit.


I guess that's why staff can only put a stop every 10 steps...


Just if you didn't notice, I used "10" for 10 times in this post.

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