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How to install ReShade/SweetFX

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Quick FAQ before we get started: 


What is ReShade/SweetFX?

ReShade and SweetFX are both basically "filters" for videogames. They make the game look better by changing the colors, contrast, sharpening etc.


Does it affect my FPS?

It really depends on your PC. The best way to find out is by trying it out.

More information about this in the guide and links below.


Can I turn it on/off without restarting the game?

Yes, if your PC can't handle it for example in busier areas you can turn it on/off with just a touch of a button :) 


Does it work in multiplayer?





In this guide I will install JuanBonX's Realistic Lighting 2 JBX, but other presets can be installed similarly. 




Link to the original topic on the SCS forum with more information:






Step 1: Download the preset


  • NOTE: The following steps are for ETS2 only, but you install presets the same way for ATS.


Step 2: Go to your steam library, right click on ETS2 and click "properties"




Step 3: In properties go to "local files" and click on "browse local files..."

Your local files (/steamapps/common/EuroTruckSimulator2) should pop up in a new window




Step 4: In your local files click on /bin/win_x64 and leave this window open in the background






Step 5: Decide whether you going to use ReShade or SweetFX


More information and screenshots about JuanBonX's presets can be found by clicking the links at the beginning of the guide, but basically ReShade is for medium/high-end PCs, while SweetFX is recommended for lower spec PCs.

ReShade looks overall nicer, SweetFX uses less resources, so: 

  • If you play the game on ultra definitely go with ReShade.
  • If you play on medium or lower I would recommend SweetFX.
  • If you are not sure you can first try ReShade, and if it affects your FPS drastically you can change to SweetFX any time. 



Step 6: Open your download folder in a new window and extract the downloaded ZIP file




Step 7: Open the folder with the extracted files




If you decided to use ReShade copy the highlighted files on the picture from /Realistic Lightning 2 JBX (Reshade)/ATS&ETS2 to your local game folder (/steamapps/common/EuroTruckSimulator2/bin/win_x64)






If you decided to use SweetFX copy the highlighted files on the picture from /Realistic Lightning 2 JBX (SweetFX)/ATS&ETS2 to your local game folder (/steamapps/common/EuroTruckSimulator2/bin/win_x64)






  • IMPORTANT: Do not have both presets in your /bin/win_x64 at the same time!


Step 8: Launch the game and enjoy :) 


  • NOTE: In-game you can turn the presets on and off with the "insert" key on your keyboard


  • NOTE: If you want to remove the presets completely you just delete everything from your /bin/win_x64 folder other than eurotrucks2, steam_api64.dll and swopenal32.dll (by default your folders should look like on the pictures shown in Step 4).



I tried to make this guide as simple as possible, if you liked it upvotes always appreciated :rolleyes: Thanks for reading! 


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Hey, that looks like a really good feature to make ETS2 appear even better. I will certainly try that. Thanks for creating this guide :)

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Guest ^^Mr.Wolf^^ ~[CZ/ENG]

Very Thanks :) I am very surprised for your idea :) @Turokarima

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I tried this out and, contrary to what I thought, it doesn't look that great (talking about the ReShade). It actually hurts my eyes while using it, so I am always forced to disable it.

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Thanks for this guide!


I got into some issues while trying to get this to work, on both MP and SP, but i managed to fix this. Basically what the issue was, is that the game didn't read the files I put in. The game had to be launched with DirectX for it to work.


When launching ETS2MP, it dont launch specifically using DirectX. To fix this, simply add this to the launch options:

-64bit -rdevice dx9



Guide for how to set launch options:



1) Right-click the game in your library and click Properties.



2) In the General tab click the button "Set launch options".



3) Paste in "-64bit -rdevice dx9" without the quotationmarks ( " ) and hit the OK button.




Now ETS2 will launch with DirectX when playing TruckersMP.



I hope this helped out other people who might've had the same issues that I had!

If not, don't hesitate to quote me or PM me.



Best Regards,

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since 1.32 my game is very dark also if I increase the brightness in game settings. I am using ReShade. My game is too dark. Maybe the Mod should be updated? I am not shure if my problem comes from the ReShade Mod...

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On 9/25/2018 at 5:13 PM, Turokarima said:

Ye in 1.32 they changed the lighting, so reshade not working currently. Hopefully it will be updated soon, and i will update the guide :) 

The creator of this mod has stated a while ago that he has stopped working on this due to personal and work reasons. It's sad and I hope someone else will make a replacement for this mod, if he decide to stay away from it.

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