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  1. Hallo, schau mal bitte ab dein CB Funkgerät überhaupt an ist, das kann auch der Grund sein warum der Lautsprecher nicht an ist, öffne TAB im Spiel > rechte maus taste dann erscheint ein Pfeil und mit dem gehst du oben an das Funkgerät und machst es an, danach sollte es wieder gehen. Falls nicht öffne nochmal TAB dann einstellungen und auf sounds und schau ob du dein mikro vielleicht stumm geschalten hast oder deaktiviert ist, hoffe ich konnte helfen Happy Trucking!
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  3. Hello, on the truckersmp site you will find the download for the launcher, download it and best you save the launcher on the desktop when you are asked for the location, then you should normally have the launcher and start. https://truckersmp.com/download click on the link and scroll down then you have the download and just follow the steps, between by you have to select the location of ets2.exe and ats.exe if available, then you will be asked what you want to install whether eurotrucksimulator2 or americantrucksimulator. It is best to click on full installation, both for the mp is installed, then you should have the launcher and play.# Happy Trucking!
  4. Hello, do you mean that you do not have a steering wheel in the Scania? Then install the dlc again and try again. Can you take a screenshot? Then we can see your problem. Happy Trucking!
  5. For Truck Lover > Hand Wash Only! B)

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  10. Hello, you need to have your steam profile on "puplic", go to your Steam profile, edit profile, privacy settings and everything on puplic, then go back to Truckersmp and let it search again for play then ATS should be playable in a short time be, i hope i could help., I have write the same answer here: Happy Trucking!
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