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  1. Nice work, I see a lot of effort on it.
  2. Very well done, it will surely be a great solution.
  3. About time... Can't wait for its release!
  4. I hope that this suggestion will be accepted and the feature will be available as soon as possible because in my opinion these unsynced random events are really annoying when it comes to a scenario with a lot of players, where one has to slow down due to a random event, perhaps causing an accident.
  5. Robcb Released

    Finally! Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to the update
  6. I have a 144hz monitor as well that I use for other games, and I have to say that it's kind of useful cause it makes your experience more "smooth" and pleasant than a 60hz. Even if you don't reach 144 fps in game you'll benefit anyway.
  7. No, c'è al massimo una chat locale tra i giocatori che vedi premendo TAB. La chat globale non c'è ovviamente perché in un server con 3000 e passa persone connesse sarebbe un po' dura gestire la cosa. Solamente i moderatori possono inviare messaggi globali che tutti gli utenti possono leggere.
  8. If you have the 1.31 version of Euro Truck you can't play online until the new version of the truckersMP launcher is released (which could take a couple of days I think).
  9. Just keep it available all the time otherwise we won't be able to quickly reset economy!
  10. Robcb

    Client Hotkeys

    I'd immediately bind it to my mouse side buttons, good suggestion
  11. Great idea. And I also agree on adding small flags instead.
  12. I think that this could be abused. Therefore I disagree with the suggestion.
  13. I disagree with this idea. Although it may result annoying, no one should be limited just because there could be someone abusing the feature. Reports exist for one reason, so use them.
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