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Speed Convertor UI


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Suggestion Name: Speed Convertor UI
Suggestion Description: This will add a UI overlay that will display the speed both in MP/h and in KM/h. 
Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/0WtTQgV
Why should it be added?: This will allow players who prefer to use their own system rather than changing it to the majority use of players. This will also benefit within convoys since some messages might only display on speed system which can then in turn be confusing or distract the player causing crash who is trying to convert it on their phone within a convoy.

P.S sorry the image is a link but it was too large to upload here. This image is only an idea and really can be improved since my photoshop skills are limited.


(Edit: New image link and slightly better)

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I click on the link you threw ''ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED'' I get the error.

Could you explain my request in a more descriptive way and make right link? Such discussion of this subject will be healthier.:truestory:



Kind Regards,

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