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  1. Driving alone and listening to music, that's what im doing
  2. @Trucking Gekco The bug, where the chat and the voice chat just randomly disappear still exists
  3. Good idea, it could be kinda annoying when u are playing on an empty server at 3 a.m. and u get kicked because of afk. 1+ from me
  4. Would be an useful feature in my eyes. I think it wouldn't even affect the performance that much. 1+ from me
  5. I also agree with @FernandoCR [ESP]. Just focuse on driving and dont do something in the tab. This idea would only make the game more laggy than it even is. -1
  6. Good idea, the big black window covers the whole screen
  7. Would be definitely useful in high traffic areas. It can be very disgusting when sb is screaming in his mic and u cant find him in the tab.
  8. Suggestion Name: New command /unstuck Suggestion Description: The command /unstuck spawns the truck new, if you build and accident or you are just stuck in a fence or something like that. It should have a cooldown of 5 or 10 min, so that the players dont abuse this command. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It is very annoying when u crash and ur truck is stuck in the ground or your truck lands on the roof. The command should fix the problem, that u always have to warp to the workshop, sometimes more than 100 kilometres away from the point, where you crashed, or
  9. Yea, it could be really annoying, when a lagger is driving in front of you. Most of the time they are driving like a child which just discovered the steering wheel, so you cant even overtake them. Good idea, but you need to declerate, what is lagging and what is not lagging. The ping is most of the time not the biggest problem, the paket loss is the bigger problem.
  10. Suggestion Name: Driver's license system Suggestion Description: Every trucker has the opportunity to make multiple courses, to improve their trucking skills. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: This system would probably make the roads a little bit safe.
  11. Why are tripple trailers forbidden now? I understand that most of the players cant drive them because they are new or they are trolling but thats no reason to completely forbid the trailers.
  12. I created this ticket because I wanna ask where I can submit or if I can submit clips where players built accidents so that they would get banned. Moreover I wanna draw attention to my Ticket which is unclaimed for 2 days now (http://prntscr.com/o63jyr)
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