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  1. This is a well put together guide nice work brother
  2. This is definently not a bad suggestion due to the fact that some people may want to actually learn how to read either in Kilometers or Miles Per Hour. For Instance, I Can read MPH Well but Having them side by side would help me learn how to read in kilometers
  3. Hello, Quick Question. Are you running the game in windowed mode? If not, try that because my Game seems to run better and not crash when I am using Windowed Mode instead of fullscreen. If that don't work, try Verifying your Game Cache and or Make a new Game Profile. Let me know how that goes
  4. Great Audio and Good Video My Friends!. Very Easy to understand for new comers
  5. I recommend only using "High Beams" when you are driving by yourself and it is dark. Never use them in the day as they are pretty much pointless. If someone is in front of you, just like in real life, or if cars are approaching you., Turn them off until they pass you up.
  6. well i think its a little too late to say but merry Christmas to u as well lol 

    1. AssassinGoEasy


      its ok tho i guess lol 

    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      :D santa your late  haha  jks :P

    3. AssassinGoEasy


      Hows is everyone day going 

  7. Merry Christmas To All!

  8. How Juju Gets To Work 


  9. Please Follow My Instructions To Best Fix Your Problem 1. Sign Into Your Steam Account That You Purchased American Truck Sim Or Euro Truck Simulator 2 From 2. Go Over To Library > Games > American Truck Simulator - Euro Truck Simulator 3. If You Look Towards The Middle Of The Screen, There Will Be A Message Saying "YOU'VE PLAYED" And A Certain Number Of Hours (EX 36 Hours) 4. Ensure That You Have Played More Than 2 Hours (I Recommend Playing At least 4 At First) 5. Head Over To TruckersMP > My Account > Profile 6. Click To Link Your Game Via That Page
  10. Its Fun Working For ZHU ARTCC ! :) 


  11. Lately just been dispatching for these guys 


  12. Someone remind me to never do a 35 hour haul again. 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Never do a 35 hour haul again.

  13. Anyone Up For Playing ETS 2MP At The Moment. Message Me On Here Or On Discord @LCodGaming X #4842

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