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  1. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    Question about the Recruitment / Report system on website

    I know you state something like TMP's recruitment page. I have done my own version of a recruitment page using PHP, MYSQL database and a custom VTC panel I made (to toggle on and off, but contains more than this). With the correct planning and dedication you can make something simple yet that works.
  2. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    Speed Convertor UI

    I am really confused what you are asking for.
  3. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    Speed Convertor UI

    Wrong thread or poor translator?
  4. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    New players restricted to Eu4 for XXX hours

    There can be multiple ways of doing this. Examples: 1. Distance measured - Making a new player reach a certain distance to achieve the calculated time instead. 2. MP making custom jobs that have to be completed to obtain the requirements to gain access to other servers. Having said about the mouse movement, there is a few anti-afk programs (One of such I have made) that will stop you from getting kicked while afk.
  5. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    Server Synchronized Gates

    +1 Good idea, now as @Batslav suggested it would be good to have everything synchronised but also that would add a large amount of work for the developers, especially when a new update comes by.
  6. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    New players restricted to Eu4 for XXX hours

    +1 Great idea. Now when you talk about the time they have to spend on the server to play, this would be best measured by in-game time on the MP servers rather than having it checked on steam. The only disadvantage from this is that people will just idle for the time to pass and end up but I understand that this is for new players to MP which really would deter trolls either trying to ban evade since they would only be allowed on EU 4 or maybe having this also as a punishment that is they do cause issues on other servers, rather than banning them, force them back onto EU 4 to improve their driving and attitude.
  7. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    (UI) More visible and configurable UI for chat

    Another thing to add to this would be the saving of the position of the boxes within a client sided file.
  8. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    (UI) More visible and configurable UI for chat

    +1 Great idea and loving the slick design as your example. I can't see any downside to this apart from the developers having more work but is possible if you look at the in-game admin panel.
  9. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    HELP! Logitech G920

    If you don't have the shifter, best thing to do is have it set to an automatic and assign the flappy pedals on the wheel as reverse on the left and in gear or forwards... whatever its called on the right side. Yes this is usually where the indicators are for most people. Also I had an issue when the logitech profiler was running in the background (using g29) when trying to get everything working with ETS 2, so exit that and use the input wizard.
  10. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    Speed Convertor UI

    Suggestion Name: Speed Convertor UI Suggestion Description: This will add a UI overlay that will display the speed both in MP/h and in KM/h. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/0WtTQgV Why should it be added?: This will allow players who prefer to use their own system rather than changing it to the majority use of players. This will also benefit within convoys since some messages might only display on speed system which can then in turn be confusing or distract the player causing crash who is trying to convert it on their phone within a convoy. P.S sorry the image is a link but it was too large to upload here. This image is only an idea and really can be improved since my photoshop skills are limited. (Edit: New image link and slightly better)
  11. [WTLVTC]  DubStepMad

    iPad and iPhone control system for Truckers MP

    Great idea with this, unfortunately I do not own anything from apple so I am stuck with Android on a Samsung phone. Would be great if this could come to Android as well but that could be a future goal for you.
  12. Thank you for the follow! :D