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  1. Sad to see you leave... :( Best of luck with everything... 

  2. @Tecuodtrucks I would strongly suggest you report this to the developers of VTLog as this is not affiliated with TruckersMP.
  3. @(HTC Owner) Smiley To start off you will need to understand the following languages; HTML CSS Javascript PHP MYSQL MYSQLI or PDO (I recommend PDO). You would need the following to make this possible; Dedicated Server, VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Website Host. MYSQL Database Server. Domain Name
  4. @Serdar-samsun55 After more research with the errors provided relating to `dx9`, this issue seems to be a GPU (Graphics Card) related issue. If you have overclocked your GPU, or see spikes in temperature, then this is the cause. Please refer this discussions: https://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/2860219962095351251/
  5. @Serdar-samsun55 After looking here: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=226969 It seems some files are missing or incorrectly configured. Please follow the steps provided: [1] Delete all mods within your mod folders. [2] De-activate all mods on the profile. [3] Try to run the game and check the console. If the issue persists, re-install ETS2 Please get back to me if any of these work.
  6. @lukas van nifterik Could you please let us know if the above has worked for you. Thank you.
  7. Dear @mrfooder, From personal experience I have used cheat engine to modify money. However if you wish to do it with a more user friendly GUI and have the ability modify more I would suggest this tool: I hope this helps you in the future.
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