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My launcher don't work!Help please..



So when i do everything correct on tutorials I was watching and when download finished 

I'm trying to open my launcher and then nothing happens that circle just loads for 1 sec and then dissapear 

And yes I have 64 bit




Edit:I'll try it at evening 3/03/2018 I don't have time now

Edit2:Does somebody have TeamViever so you could help me?Nothing repaired my launcher



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If you have Windows 7 64-bit, you have to install both .net 4.0 and Service Pack 1. If you have at least Windows 8 64-bit, you should have .net 4.0 already installed.


If you want to ask anywhere on forums whenever 32-bit version of MP will be supported in future, try to start GTA V on your 32-bit machine before checking game's system requirements.

Instead of quoting the post above, use the ^ character. The character is actually pointing to the post above.

How to fix sudden steering issue on your USB steering wheel

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First of all you could try changing the compability that the application runs with by default. To change it you must right click on it, press Properties, and head over to the compability tab. Try to disable your anti-virus software and re-try.




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Hello mate!


First solution

Try the .NET Repair tool




Try disabling the 'game mode' in settings.




Second solution

Try to run it as an administrator and see what happens.

If you still having a problem, uninstall the launcher then:


1.Windows key+R

2.Type %ProgramData%

3.Delete TruckersMP folder

4.Re-install and run the launcher as Administrator.

5.Report back to us. 


third solution

I want you to do exactly the information I will share below.




You can read to this guide for general problems.





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