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Dubbeledraaideur [NL]

Winter mod physics what do we want?

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There are many comments about that most truckers would love, to have the physics in the winter mod.
But what do we truckers want? And what problems could it cause?
So I thought lets have a little discussion about it :)

What we want,
- Slippery roads, drifting with a 26 tonnes truck would be awesome.
But that also can cause some issues:
For example, if I would have the winter mod enabled, I would not be able to go through corners at fast speeds, maybe I even need to go walking pace through tight highway corners.

And then someone else who does not have the wintermod enabled, comes along with 70KM/H and crashes into me XD
So to fix that, the entire server needs to be in wintermode.
Now imagine Europe 2, being slippery...
THE CHAOS!! I think people would be either dieing from laughter within 10 minutes and after 2 hours being super frustrated, because the 200th truck crashed into them.
Luckily there is Europe 4, that is one big NCZ. But what is the fun in that?

Also if you are hauling a 64tonnes locomotive, going on sleep slopes is already a slow process. Now with the slippery roads... Nope can't do it hahaha.
In the Netherlands, normal loaded trucks, were not able to get up a highway slope, because it was slippery:

- What also would be cool, if trucks leave snow tracks on the road, and if a road it hardly used.. There is a sweet blanket of snow on the road, and you cannot see the markings on the road because of that. Good luck driving on the road hahaha
In cities, the snow would been shoved aside by not visible snowplows, so there is just a pile of snow next to the road.

If that could be realised, by someone, that wintermod would be the crown jewel of mods.
(too bad I do not have any programming skills at all lol)

These are just my thoughts, what are your thoughts about the ideal wintermod?

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For wintermod physics, that would be nice. But think about it from the Game Admins point of view, they would have to deal with probably around double the amount of reports from people not being able to stop, and not being able to control their vehicle. It would be cool if there was a specific server with it though, like the no collision server. They are my thoughts, I have used a winter physics mod and it can be really fun. 

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