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    Mucha suerte a la empresa!. El mejor de los exitos para ustedes.
  2. Congrats!! Good Luck:)

  3. Ats real operation?

    That's a great idea. If it is done i would be there.
  4. Samsung vs Iphone

    I like iphone but i don't have money . So i use samsung
  5. Which route would you like to be most congested?

    A route with narrow roads and dangerous curves would be nice. But it would be more difficult to have no damage than in c-d
  6. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    The biggest michellin in the rear wheels and the smallest michellin in the front wheels
  7. What do you usually do in the multiplayer?

    I should vote all options XD
  8. A Debate

    Pubg is the most stressful. Whatever noise you hear you think is someone trying to kill you.
  9. Which country are u from?

    Country:Uruguay City:Montevideo Nationality:Uruguayan Picture of your country/city (not flag!
  10. Worst Band!

    The best one Soda Stereo from Argentina and the worst one is one direction
  11. Headlights kicking system

    If you want to avoid kick when your engine is broken and goes off, you can turn off "automatic electricity start" option from gameplay menu.This will leave the electricity turned on and your lights will work.
  12. New Special Transport beacons and lights

    The beacons are not visible for other players
  13. Podium: 1-Ramming 2-Blocking 3-CB abuse
  14. Happy Birthday!!! 

  15. Great post!! Good luck to everyone