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  1. While i was on a External Contract run, I got a notification that connection to wold of trucks has been lost, I tried reconnecting via in-game, That did not work, It was just hanging, Then i restarted ATS, And now signing in is hanging, Is anyone else having this issue? I don't think anyone else is having this issue as the player count on the USA ATS Server is going up, Ive disabled my AV and its still not working, I have no idea what is going on...
  2. When i try and sleep, It tells me im not tired enough.
  3. I currently have no jobs in the Freight Market, Yes i know there's External Contracts, But i want the Freight Market, Is there anyway to force resting at a resting place? I really dont want to have to edit my config file and restart my game every time i want a Freight Market Job.
  4. I've created a new profile in MP, I did the first tutorial delivery and it says im late, Everytime, Am i missing something here or?
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