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  1. I found this van from the ETS2 AI vehicles. I really want to make it drive-able, and if I get that working Id love to make it into an escort van, like the pilot Skoda on mp.


    What are your thoughts? I know how hard it is to make things drive-able for ETS2, so this will be a real challenge.



    1. stilldre1976


      There some good mod cars on line bro if you look round just search ets2 car/van mods  seen quite a few different vans like reno etc you can use them in sp etc found a cool bmw one a while ago which worked well :)


    2. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @stilldre1976 Thanks bro, I know there are a load of car/van mods. But I am the kinda of person that loves making my own lol. I am currently learning to model vehicles so if I could get that working then I'd have a good chance at making my own vehicles work if you get what I mean ;)

  2. Had some fun with the Special Transport DLC for American Truck Simulator earlier. Heres a few images I got. The last one I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes lol






  3. I really love the new Volvo VNL, such a beautiful truck. Though are the lights on top a known issue?


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    2. ScaniaFan89


      Its outrageous how long its been apparently " complete " for & they still have bugs which should have been ironed out ages ago....sound wise they just mixed the other trucks together! If your gonna do a job, do it properly & do it right! I can't help but think the others are gonna be the same & it really amazes me how the teams miss things that are so bloody obvious

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

    4. BlackSkill


      I like this paintjob, nice truck ;) 

  4. I spotted a wild @Killua // Ireland ^_^ earlier :thinking:


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    2. Asierrayo
    3. BlackSkill


      Nice Selfie :D 

    4. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @Spirit Omega Wolf Whats wrong with a plan more realistic truck? I dont go crazy with my customization

  5. It feels so nice to get back into an old Scania Streamline. I forgot how comfy they are!




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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Very very nice Scania :wub: the old Scanias are great too ^_^

    3. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang Thank you ^^


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Thank you, I love the old Scanias!

    4. BlackSkill


      Nice Truck and pictures ;) 

  6. Thanks for the follow!

    1. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      No problem ^^

  7. For some reason I am really into these smaller truck at the moment haha
    This is a small Iveco I have been driving for a week now, its actually not to bad



    1. Dziada


      I remember my Iveco, I loved it, especially with the 6x4 chassis. But unfortunately, it only had 400L and I drive pretty fast, so I was refuelling more than I was driving :kappa:

    2. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @Dziada Yeah, I got the 4x2 chassis so I could get the extra fuel tank, it lasts long enough. I drive quite economically though

    3. Dziada


      The truck is beautiful, no denying that.

  8. Why did I end up in Duisburg, I should have gone somewhere else lol

    1. S p a r k i e

      S p a r k i e

      I went into duisburg once and I was lucky enough to escape lol

  9. Just checking my tyre pressure . . .



  10. Been on TruckersMP today, has a nice little drive apart from being flipped by a rammer.



  11. Just been messing with some truck and trailer combinations, what do y'all think?




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    2. NotSoFancyFox


      That goes together really well I think.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @Dziada Your opinion is an opinion, I just like it because of the steering position.


      @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang Thank you ^^


      @NotSoFancyFox Thank You :)


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Cheers :)

  12. Velcta The Wolf

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    The latest DLC released for ATS, known as Oregon, was rather interesting. I have done a bit of driving on it and it looks very nice. Though the game still seems like there is something missing, for me at least.
  13. So they recently changed how the recruitment system works. I honestly think it is unfair. People will make mistakes which will end up getting them banned. It happened to me. I was younger and, of course, not as intelligent when playing on multiplayer. Which is why I have got bans from 2015.

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    2. S p a r k i e

      S p a r k i e

      Yeah..i've got two very old bans from when I was younger. The recruitment system should be judged on whether the people have learned or not, instead of limiting recruitment to 3 bans max. The number of bans someone gets does not reflect if they have learned from their mistakes.

      If you are going to limit recruitment like that, then you should remove any staff that have more than 3 bans, too. It is honestly unfair.

    3. Velcta The Wolf

      Velcta The Wolf

      @TFM DJ ccowie Thanks for the reply. I shall look into it!

      @S p a r k i e I know what you mean. One of my bans is for ramming and blocking, but back then I didn't know any better. I was practically a kid and had no idea of the road rules etc. Though for the past year or so I have been a really good driver in my honest opinion.

    4. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Thank you for understanding.

  14. Velcta The Wolf Released

    Amazing, now its time to see what people's creativity is like with the trailers and truck combo!