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    I love looking at furry artwork.
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  1. Velcta The Wolf

    Realistic accident

    One of the main reasons why a game such as ETS2 does not have realistic collision physics is because the truck companies themselves do not want people crashing there trucks. Even though it is a game, they fear it would give them a bad name since people are seeing how they would break. Another reason for this is that it is extremely hard for a game developer(s) to make a game like this. You have to have soft body physics or multiple versions of one model. Also, it really would not fit into the type of game that ETS2 is. Yes it is a simulator, but you are not suppose to go and crash into things. You're meant to drive, pickup and deliver goods.
  2. Velcta The Wolf

    Most Played Game + Amount Of Hours

    My most played game is Garry's mod with 5491 hours. I never use to play anything other then that and minecraft till a few years back.
  3. Velcta The Wolf

    J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    This is my truck, I took the image a while ago, so you can ignore the engine. I really have changed to the J-spec type of trucks. I remember I use to go crazy with mine, having lights everywhere. But these trucks are so much nice now in my eyes! Without the engine, would this count is my question? It is a bit more than a regular truck (8x4 chassis and the bumper bar, but its still simple)
  4. Velcta The Wolf

    Modified Scout car in next update ?

    You are right, you will be able to change the paint for the pilot skin. As @MrJonton01 [GER] said, you will also be able to choose new beacon. They also mentioned that not only was the physics improved, but they have updated the breaking if I am not mistaken. So possibly meaning that the cars breaks work correctly now.
  5. Been playing on the new 1.32 update, damn I love it. Plus I got the KRONE trailer DLC thanks to SCS :3



  6. Welcome to the TMP forums! 

  7. Velcta The Wolf

    How to stay calm during road rage

    Very nice advice for people such as myself with twitchy anger. The best thing to do is always step away from the situation (park the truck and calm down). It has always helped me out
  8. Velcta The Wolf

    Most popular truck

    I would have to say the Next Generation Scania R/S. They are amazing trucks, very modern and have a decent amount of power. They are also my favourite looking truck.
  9. Welcome to the TMP forums!

  10. Welcome to the TMP Forums!

  11. Velcta The Wolf

    With or Without A VTC?

    I understand you. I have been in a VTC before but it slowed down and down and down until the point of closing. So then of course I was not in a VTC. A little later I started my own however, but everyone (including me) got bored so we all left. And again, I am here without a VTC. I don't mind it though. I have plenty of friends that like to drive with me, and sometimes we even take the same truck and trailer, like some VTCs do.
  12. Velcta The Wolf

    Ganymede's Galería

    Nice pictures
  13. Velcta The Wolf

    Weirdest thing you saw

    The weirdest thing I have seen is when someone is overtaking me... ...and they DON'T cut me up
  14. Velcta The Wolf

    Killua's Photos :)

    What is it with the darn cows though? I really don't understand lol They are meant to be inside a trailer, not part of the trailer
  15. Velcta The Wolf

    [OTHER]Update Rule 3 (Save Editing)

    Suggestion Name: Update Rule 3 (Save Editing) Suggestion Description: Update the save editing rule to allow some additions. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/s3KgppI Why should it be added?: Currently I believe that the rules are fine apart from the save editing rules. I do not agree with not allowing lights elsewhere on your truck. In real life I see it all the time and it looks really nice. I can understand beacons not being allowed, but the lights should. Above I put too images, one for what I mean in-game, and another of a real life version.