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Ping problems



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If your ping exceeds 600 ms, it is best to turn off and on again the router on the internet. Also make sure:

  1. Do not download heavy files through the internet once you are inside the game.
  2. I recommend using the PC as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router.
  3. I recommend that where the PC is connected, it finds a good signal range.



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In this scenario you have a few suggestions:


Try connect to a server closer to your physical location and see if the issue is consistent (such as connecting to a USA server if you live in the United States). If you try connect to a EU server from the USA you may experience added latency, hence you getting kicked for high ping.


You can also try resetting your broadband connection by unplugging and replugging your router and see if this helps with any latency you're experiencing (This may only help if you're noticing youtube etc also being slower than usual).


Finally, if you're on wireless try connecting to the router with a wired connection and see if this has any positive impact to your game-play.

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