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  1. Happy new year everyone, have a great one! -_-

  2. If you were to play a game on an actual server you'd need a dedicated GPU, such as OVH do sell or Hetzner have some dedicated servers with Geforce 1080's GPU's inbuilt. Otherwise the inbuilt chipset would have a heart attack. You could check out these, obviously if you're leasing/renting a GPU it's not cheap but have had a good experience in the past: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/ex51-ssd-gpu As others have mentioned, the servers themselves don't actually need GPU's as they don't 'play the game' as it were. They basically run an application, I presume some form of command-type operation depending on the operating system. The servers themselves I have no doubt sit within OVH's infrastructure due to the VAC Distributed-Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) protection system that OVH deploy by routing packets through a very-clever network configuration to ensure that only 'true/real traffic' gets through and drops the nasties. The connection to these machines is likely to be 1Gbps as a 10Gbps link (dedicated or fair-share) is fairly costly and due to the amount of servers TMP have I'd highly doubt it. No idea what CPU but E3 tends to have a higher clock-rate per core than E5 but E5's have a higher amount of overall cores/threads. P.S. This reply is based on my own experience in an environment similar, this may not be 100% accurate for TMP.
  3. You mention the ping has gone from "70" to "130", I presume this is in milliseconds (ping is measured in ms). The only thing is, 70 to 130 milliseconds in reality isn't a lot, yes if we're being technically correct every 'ms' makes a difference but you shouldn't really notice a great deal between those two. Your latency/ping will increase in more heavily populated areas as more data is being processed by your internet connection, hence why you had a higher ping at an area with a road-block however I wouldn't have thought you'd be experiencing any lag apart from maybe your computer being a limiting factor. Keep an eye on it, it shouldn't be a problem unless it kicks you automatically from the game. You haven't mentioned you've had this so I'd imagine you're just commenting on something you've noticed while playing.
  4. Figuratively cracks knuckles, it's been a while since I've used a few of these because since changing jobs I haven't had the need to really do any of it. HTML PHP CSS Javascript & jQuery SQL / MySQL / MSSQL ASP.NET Shell Bits of C++/C#
  5. Unfortunately, this functionality isn't possible like it is with other games such as Minecraft, Battlefield. However, the TruckersMP team do a fantastic job keeping centralised servers running. This has clear benefits as it means players get a large place with ample room, slots to play with friends and others. Besides, a private server would introduce a form of competition that may damage the actual mod's popularity and create problems with integrating and swapping servers. Although this may prove a good idea at times, such as for specific events the team has already introduced a server that is available for custom events when they happen to separate normal users from those interested in participating with the event. If you wish to contact the team and discuss an event that may meet the requirements for this then they are available at: https://truckersmp.com/feedback. Best of luck, happy trucking!
  6. Have a feeling this could be easily exploited and would take a lot of processing power just to keep track of every user. If it were to be accepted, I suppose I wouldn't place it in-game though, I would have it fitted on a web interface but even so, you'd just be recreating a game-wide version of a VTC essentially. The functionality for entering a motel doesn't exist and therefore unless CSC did something it would be very difficult to create and modify - a bit like the dealerships.
  7. Quite like the idea of some sort of 'hotkey' or easy click tool that sends a quick response saving you having to type it, especially when it's something simple like 'Thank you'. The amount of times it'll be used is probably negotiable though and a poll would ideally have to be run with the community to see if it's something they'd generally want. I can see the benefits but whether it's useful enough to be added to the game and the argument over what should be on there as 'you can go first' being on a hotkey could cause issues with traffic flow and misunderstandings.
  8. Haha don't think I've personally seen anyone try to deliver a 'CDN' over one server, even if it did have a 10Gbit dedicated connection. Lesson learnt, for the future; to definitely have backups in rotation anyway on the occasion a single location goes down, or as you experienced utter and full pipe congestion! Surprised, even though it was sponsored that the provider didn't cut you off for the 95% percentile utilisation of the connection haha, would've thought it be on 'best efforts' in this type of deal. Fantastic to see that amount of traffic though regardless. Aware this is not-for-profit hence ruling out actual pre-provided "CDN's" that are designed to deliver static files but glad to see some initiative still exists in the modern world, it's possible - from my own experience and relatively straight forward to get your own CDN working well. Unfortunately, the pain of DNS appears to have bitten you in the bottom, it does to us all... at the best of times. Best of luck for next year! haha
  9. Hello, I presume you mean this page, to be exact (yours) which is your forum profile page - https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/127406-sk-ternoyan28/ ? You wish for this page not to be there/inaccessible to the public, or do you mean your TruckersMP Profile here: https://truckersmp.com/user/1386909 ? Unfortunately, I believe both profiles cannot be completely removed/blanked as you'd like but you can amend the pictures, about me, other sections to remove any information you don't wish anyone to see by editing your profile in the settings section, here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/settings/
  10. ^ Think this post has cracked it. The OP appears to want to permanently disable the Auto-Save option and as Matheus has mentioned this is possible by amending the autosave interval so it never happens.
  11. MaffewE

    Rule Update

    Probably quite a wise move considering they were separate! Keep it up
  12. Seems a bit odd. Do you have some form of mod enabled, as this may be causing some weirdly glitchy bug where the game is trying to go to default, causing it to flicker. Out of interest, if you visit a service/garage etc does it continue upon exit?
  13. Please add a more descriptive title in the future as it makes it easier to be identified by users that can potentially help. If you've tried the above try re-downloading the client and seeing if it has any affect.
  14. In this scenario you have a few suggestions: Try connect to a server closer to your physical location and see if the issue is consistent (such as connecting to a USA server if you live in the United States). If you try connect to a EU server from the USA you may experience added latency, hence you getting kicked for high ping. You can also try resetting your broadband connection by unplugging and replugging your router and see if this helps with any latency you're experiencing (This may only help if you're noticing youtube etc also being slower than usual). Finally, if you're on wireless try connecting to the router with a wired connection and see if this has any positive impact to your game-play.
  15. The problem here, is that mods aren't generally supported and this is why the game is likely detecting a modification to your trailer and kicking you. May help everyone if you state this is something you've added to the game rather than it being there by standard? Don't remember seeing dual tyres on a trailer in single-player.
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