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Incompatible ATS & ETS2 Game Versions ×
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The site does not find my ATS



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Please Follow My Instructions To Best Fix Your Problem :)

1. Sign Into Your Steam Account That You Purchased American Truck Sim Or Euro Truck Simulator 2 From

2. Go Over To Library > Games > American Truck Simulator - Euro Truck Simulator 

3. If You Look Towards The Middle Of The Screen, There Will Be A Message Saying "YOU'VE PLAYED" And A Certain Number Of Hours (EX 36 Hours)

4. Ensure That You Have Played More Than 2 Hours (I Recommend Playing At least 4 At First)

5. Head Over To TruckersMP > My Account > Profile

6. Click To Link Your Game Via That Page Through Steam Either ETS Or ATS 

7. Please Wait Up To 30 Minutes For Truckers MP To Verify You Have The Game On Your Steam Account.


I Hope I Helped You Out... Let Me Know If This Helped

In Regards-

LCodGaming X



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@Makarov26 Okay, as stated above numerous times, you need 3 things to play MP

1. 2+ Hours of play time on ATS

2. Public Steam Profile

3. TruckersMP Account


If both of these criteria are met, then maybe it was an issue when you installed MP. What you may have to do is check your files to make sure that the correct file was chosen. TruckersMP doesn't always find the correct file. Here are the steps to fix the install issue.

1. Re-download the installer

2. When prompted to choose a file, select browse files option

3. Find the "Steam" folder under "Program Files(x86)" *Located in the C: drive

4. Open the "Steam" folder and locate the folder named "steamapps"

5. Open "steamapps" and locate the file named "common"

6. Open "common" and locate "American Truck Simulator"

7. Open the folder and click on the "bin" folder

8. Once you click on the file, click the Ok button and the bottom right of the window

9. Finish the installation.

That's how I had to do my installation of MP. Hope this helps!


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