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Connection to the server has been broken Message

Go to solution Solved by MrHarv98,


I keep getting the message: "Connection to the server has been broken" after about 3-5 Minutes after connecting to TMP servers. This message happens on all the servers I join.
My ping shows around 30-40ms majority of the time yet I keep getting disconnected from the servers.

I have tried flushing my DNS via the CMD panel.
I have restarted my router several times.
I have reinstalled TMP.
I have restarted my Computer.

None seem to make any difference, I continue getting the "Connection to the server has been Broken"

It does auto reconnect me but it will then continue to repeatedly disconnect me and reconnect me.

I run Windows 10 Pro 64bit.


Any ideas or possibilities as to why I keep getting disconnected? 

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I figure out what it was in the end BTW, it was due to two things.


1) My ISP was giving a bad connection to the router so I wasn't getting the full speed I normally get coming through and the other cause was Windows 10 and decided it wanted the actually network adaptor Software installed even thought id had been running fine for about 2/3 weeks on the driver windows had auto downloaded when installing Windows 10 from scratch.


Thanks for the suggestions though guys, I will keep them handy if it ever happens again.

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