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  1. I was on TMP last night on the temp beta as there are an update that wasn't compatible with TMP. Today loaded up the game still on the Temp 1.30 and game crashes. opt out of it and let the game update to and still game crashes. The problem I get is the game will just suddenly stop responding randomly and force me to quit the game. only mod i use is Truckers MP. i don't have any single player mods.
  2. Title says it all really. I'm wondering if any other are having these issues. The game just randomly crashing and only option is to either alt+F4 or click close on the pop up that is displayed? Any point within game I've had it happen when loading a save game, while driving etc, I'm just trying to get a idea as to whether it is anything to do with SCS's update or the Windows 10 Update that added the peoples section to the task bar.
  3. I figure out what it was in the end BTW, it was due to two things. 1) My ISP was giving a bad connection to the router so I wasn't getting the full speed I normally get coming through and the other cause was Windows 10 and decided it wanted the actually network adaptor Software installed even thought id had been running fine for about 2/3 weeks on the driver windows had auto downloaded when installing Windows 10 from scratch. Thanks for the suggestions though guys, I will keep them handy if it ever happens again.
  4. I was able to play online okay yesterday with no issues if that helps narrow it down to something?
  5. I keep getting the message: "Connection to the server has been broken" after about 3-5 Minutes after connecting to TMP servers. This message happens on all the servers I join. My ping shows around 30-40ms majority of the time yet I keep getting disconnected from the servers. I have tried flushing my DNS via the CMD panel. I have restarted my router several times. I have reinstalled TMP. I have restarted my Computer. None seem to make any difference, I continue getting the "Connection to the server has been Broken" It does auto reconnect me but it will then continue to repeat
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