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Search box on player list in game

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Suggestion Name: Search box under players list in game
Suggestion Description: Basically when you open the players list there could be a search box underneath, above the open steam profile and open truckersmp profile options where you can search id numbers and names.

Any example images

Why should it be added?: This should be added so that when you are in high population areas you do not need to scroll and look for the right player to report but can instead search their number and have the result instantly which can also stop players stopping on the side of the road to scroll through the players list for the correct player, adding even more traffic to already highly populated areas.

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+1 Have been thinking about the same myself.

Regarding the reports: Either that or a command in the chat called something like "/report ID REASON" - So for example "/report 2354 Ramming+trolling" or if it's utterly impossible as it is now. The problem might be that people are writing absurdly long reasons, making it impossible to spot stuff in the admins report log.


Regarding players: Would be awesome to do it ingame also, (I dont know if you're thinking like you have on ets2 map?):



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