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Add status button Steam


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Suggestion Name: Add status button Steam

Suggestion Description: Add this button to see if the member is online on Steam

Any example images 0h1IR5L.jpg t2M421l.jpg DDBfalI.jpg

Why should it be added?: Why do I think it would be easier for people to look at the person's profile in the Forum and see if that person is online on Steam or not. and you do not need to go there in the steam and see if the person is online, you may be seeing if the person is online from the forum.


Sorry, the images are in Portuguese :D 

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Following on from what @Penguin said... Using TruckersMPCheck,


You can see a players:

  1. TMP ID
  2. Their Username
  3. Whether They Are Staff Or Not.
  4. When They Joined TMP
  5. Their SteamID64
  6. Their Steam User Name
  7. Their Steam Custom URL
  8. When They Joined Steam
  9. If They Have Any TMP Bans

For Example: (Here Is A Screenshot Of What TruckersMPCheck Shows About Me) :P 


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