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Reporting players (Players List, TAB)

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  1. 1. When reporting a player when driving late for delivery, and you don't want to stop, how many times have you crashed trying to report someone?

    • Never
    • Often
  2. 2. Has this suggestion already been asked?

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Suggestion Name:  Adding additional controls to report (a) player(s)
Suggestion Description: Adding in another way to report players while on the move, multiple times when i'm late for a delivery, or no where safe to stop and the driver is VERY bad, we need to report them, this causes accidents when moving for those with Mouse Steering, There should be an additional way to report them using commands (Different keys) on the keyboard, where we can drive safely and use the keyboard to navigate the menu for reporting a player.

Any example images: (N/A)

Why should it be added?: I think it should be added because the amount of trolls that cause accidents, and get away with it due to players using Mouse steering and not able to stop somewhere safely before the player get's too far and dis appear, the player reporting them can have an accident because when we right click to go onto the menu, those with Mouse Steering will most likely crash, and cause another accident. By adding this, it will drop the amount of Mouse Steering players from crashing when reporting a player when moving due to no safe place to stop.


Have a nice day :)

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I dont believe in reporting players. The admin treat them too harshly, they are already banning too many people and turning away many others, and I believe in a trucking community. I think the reason people have VTCs are because of trust and respect for each others driving skills and teamwork. Thus, I believe you should join your own team and just be more weary on your adventures. We as a community, especially during convoys, have a lot more power than admins due to our ability to shame a violator in front of people. Admin banning stats are not publicized for our consumption and ostracizes people. Go truckers!

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^^ I don't run or belong to any VTC and respect all other drivers, even trolls (meaning that I won't ram back, insult or any other disrespectful action). But reporting people? Of course. There are lots of players who take the game seriously, but there are also lots of players that only connect to troll the rest of us. If I find one of those during my game time... Well, see below \/


2 hours ago, El1teZombiezHD said:

^^ Sometimes people cannot just pull over and report someone, by the time the have pulled over the perpetrator has gone off the TAB Menu. It would be good if the mouse steering got locked when the MP Mouse was active. +1

That's why video recording software is so important in this game. I almost never report ingame, most of my reports are about players ramming and even if I report in real time, an admin can come and see nothing so my report was useless, just a waste of time for that admin. Instead, I use recording software able to capture a cached gameplay of X minutes, someone rams me, hotkey, I got all the incident on video. When I have the time, I file a report in the website and most of those are accepted.


EDIT: Just to add, since the thread is a suggestion, that this has a -1 from me. Letting people additional controls to report while driving is a mistake IMO, some people can barely keep their trucks within a lane when driving normally, imagine what would happen if they are dealing with the report window at the same time...

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^^ It's been explained why the /report command was removed: The syntax was /report <id> <reason>. Meaning that in <reason>, people could write down whatever they felt like. This led to reports in every possible languages, reports with the oddest things as reasons, etc. The staff decided to limit the options somehow, to make things simpler both for them and the players. I miss the command too, but can understand why the way we have now is better. And like I said, other than people blocking, the reports in game are very likely to be ignored or not lead to anything, as the admin online (if any) has to see the perpetrator "in action" before kicking/banning. That's why video recording and offline reporting will always be best.


See your example: Something happens, you brake, open tab, report player and he is not too far away... An admin sees that report, teleports himself and sees a player driving a truck and nothing else... Admins can't see what happened before, so that player will go unpunished. If you had /report instead, the situation would still be the same, the admin would be unable to take action if the player doesn't keep misbehaving for a while. With the proper software, all you need is pressing a hotkey to make sure (or almost sure) the culprit will be punished.

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