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Toggle in launcher to set/unset "g_force_economy_reset"


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Suggestion Name: Toggle in launcher to set/unset "g_force_economy_reset"

Suggestion Description: Since so many people are having the no jobs on launching the game issue, maybe a toggle could be added to the launcher that will toggle this setting on/off?
Any example images: none
Why should it be added?: This would save time and effort of having to edit the config file in the player profile folder, or type into the dev console.

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I think this is an awesome Idea. On my legit profile on ETS it seems like I always have to force economy reset to get the jobs to show, which takes 1 or 2 game restarts to do. Such a hassle just to play...



An alternative solution would be to fix the underlying bug.


I agree, but they plan on introducing a better economy system in the future so I don't think they plan to fix this until they start work on that patch. 







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