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Skoda Collisions with other player vehicles explode on impact


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Suggestion Name: Skoda Collisions with other player vehicles explode on impact

Suggestion Description: Countless times has the Skoda crashed into other vehicles and barely had any damage. This suggestion is to make the Skoda explode when it collides with a player vehicle any at speed. When it explodes, glitter and streamers appear saying "Get rekt'd". Then, it takes them to the truck selection menu. If they try to get the car back, it's shown as a cube. Then, The Simpsons scene plays "Is it about my cube?" and it is an actual scrap cube. Trucks are unaffected by the explosion.

Any example images: No

Why should it be added?: Adds a new risk for Skoda's to behave. Car explodes, turns into a cube, no more car.

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I don't think that is possible in Prism3D engine 😂

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If you want to ask anywhere on forums whenever 32-bit version of MP will be supported in future, try to start GTA V on your 32-bit machine before checking game's system requirements.

Instead of quoting the post above, use the ^ character. The character is actually pointing to the post above.

How to fix sudden steering issue on your USB steering wheel

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Ehm, this is probably the most creative suggestion I ever read. I don't think this will be accepted at all, as the drivers are the problem, not the skodas itself, but thanks for those weird pictures in my head :LUL:

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