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Should the Skoda vehicle be removed?

Almira xeltz.

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I am aware that those who play the game as trolls buy more Skoda, but I do not support its removal. After all, there are people who drive Skoda well and it is a fun vehicle to drive, but those who use it need to have a good vehicle awareness, otherwise such Skoda incidents will happen more often 😐

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At least for ProMods server, I see no reason to really remove them.


*(directed in general) Yes, rules exist in TMP to "make people follow realism," but I think removing them for "this is a truck game," is not a good reason. If someone's driving a car, they could be in a truck with no trailer (what's really the difference?). People have different ways of playing; it may not be the way, you or I play, but it is the way they play. Why cut them off?


I see people suggesting restrictions, but- If anything that just punishes the general player. It would make more sense if one is Trolling, make Trolling too annoying to even want to participate in. Now there's the issue of detecting who is or who isn't trolling, but- And I'm not really giving you an idea of how to make it annoying. But a Troll isn't going to be deterred by a longer ban, instead of a ban, just kick them like after 1 minute of them being logged on, for the duration they're banned for.


OR, a good idea, just put the Troll in a non-collisions mode. So they can play, but they can't play how they want to. Maybe make it so other players can't see them...cause I could see how this would get Trollable. And IKIK, "these people deserve to be banned," but the if the ban isn't deterring them, then this is more of a solution in my book.

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On 8/21/2023 at 10:21 AM, FoxxDash said:

I am in favor of introducing driver's license licenses for these cars. 
You have to pass a practical and theoretical test. Every ban takes away such a license from you for the amount of the ban +14 days.

Any attempt to renew the license will be long. The duration of the theoretical test is a maximum of 40 minutes (30 questions).
The practical test is to drive 500-1500km without an accident and not to exceed 90km/h.
Failure to pass auto driving test imposes 12h cooldown to pass test


I think TMP could benefit in general if it could detect  crashes and who was "at fault" for it. Although there are outside factors to crashes and (maybe this hurts my argument) people like me only like to report the TROLLS. I took a RAM to the back the other day, cause the guy claimed it was LAG. I can 'save-edit,' so it's fine. But I was ready to report if he was trolling, cause that's just annoying.


Also I tend to get into small crashes, that no one really has ever reports for, because they are actually accidents. So I guess this whole topic is complicated....I think the best thing would to basically HAVE to just have a lot of playtime to unlock the car....although I don't think getting rid of the car solves getting rid of Trolls. It might help though.


I think your question-test suggestion though could be useful in weeding out Trolls (maybe before even being able to play TMP, although that might be controversial). Although it would need to be universal in my book. Me as a US-player I don't really understand European Signage. Anyway- if this adds to the conversation.

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Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will lock and move it to our Archive section. 
We apply these procedures in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


//Locked & Moved to Archive


Kind Regards


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