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"As a bonus, Master Trucker Patrons will be able to receive a special achievement for their profile when they complete at least one delivery of the 3D Logo Cargo to or from any city!"


So we have to pay to earn achievements now, truckersmp is getting as bad as scs in regards to their WoT events. ❌

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Thanks for the great update!

                                                                Language: Chinese/English

                Discord:hengya0512            I want everyone to be able to drive safely on the road!❤️

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  • Game Developer

List of changes from 7th April 2023:

  • Updated the TruckersMP 3D logo cargo.
    • Fixed cargo issue with ownable trailers.
    • Now also compatible with Krone trailers.
    • Available to be used in an HTC combination.
    • The cargo will show up only in the longer trailer within double trailer combinations.

List of changes from 9th April 2023:

  • Added custom Easter content (made by the Add-On Team).
    • New seasonal cargos.
    • Decorations of the Calais - Duisburg road area.
    • New seasonal accessory for the Scout car.
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Game Developer

Discord Bot Developer

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