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what would be the fastest truck in the game in your opinion?


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In the game, I wouldn't know, I follow the posted limits, never worried or even tried to go faster than 110 Km/h (and this, only in Romanian highways). In TruckersMP Simulation servers, all trucks are equally fast, 110 Km/h tops. And in Arcade servers, I wouldn't know either because I don't use it. Once, long ago, I ran a test, because people were saying that Arcade was limited at 150 Km/h and I wanted to confirm my belief of it having no speed limits. I managed to get up to 163 Km/h using a Volvo classic model, all other trucks I tried could barely reach 150 Km/h on flat surface. You could run the same test in the Arcade server and find out for yourself, a cheated profile with lots of money and XP so you can buy all trucks/models with the top upgrades and some time, that's all you'd need.

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Since the truck is almost no different from a passenger car in unloaded conditions, the top engine option and the least level gears can be preferred. For example, the Volvo FH16 750 engine and the Allison 6-speed gearbox model. It gives a very good performance between 0-110.

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