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  1. Hi @Movingtarget Productions, Please post your game.log file from the crash and post the link to it here please. This way we can find out what the problem is. You can find your game.log in your documents in the ETS2 folder as a default install on Windows. (If it is not there check OneDrive.) On a Mac the folder is in your Library and there in the Application Support. Regards, Belmondoo
  2. Cześć @ravdor., Zlecenia z WoTr nie zależą od przespania się w grze. Musisz zarejestrować DLC na WoTr, aby mieć tam zlecenia. Z automatu powinno Ci wyskoczyć, że dodano nowe DLC i czy połączyć je z WoTr. Pozdrawiam, Belmondoo
  3. For me TruckersMP is made for drivers who want to have a good time with friends. TruckersMP is not a racing game.
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