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What game do you like to play the most?

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Except for ETS2 and ATS,
I often play Sparrow MahjongSoul with my friends
Sometimes I also play CSGO alone

Kind regards,
Fan Ci



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I have several (my #1 is ETS2 by far), so I divide my favorite games in genres in a top 3 category:



1. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

2. Train Simulator

3. Fishing Barents Sea (haven't tried Fishing North Atlantic yet)/TransOcean: The Shipping Company (both on #3)



1. The Isle [Evrima]

2. Dayz

3. The Long Dark


First Person Shooters:

1. Counter Strike Global Offensive

2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

3. theHunter: Call of the Wild (does this count as FPS or Simulator?)



1. Planet Coaster

2. Prison Architect

3. Cities: Skylines

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besides ETS2 I play Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

This game has a remarkable story, graphics, and if you are not in a hurry to finish the game and want to collect all the trophies, the play time can easily exceed a hundred hours.


This game also has a great dubbing. this game is from the Czech Republic just like me, but originally there was no Czech dubbing in the game. This was created by fans of the game, and it is also phenomenal.


I recommend you to try this game!


Kind regards, 



Playing since 2017




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Excluding ETS2 my favorit game by far is The Last of Us (Remastered). Even tho the graphics may look pretty old nowaday, I still prefere the console version. But in generell, the entire story and character building in The Last of Us is the best I ever experienced.


On my PC I play a lot of League of Legends and GTA V, but I can recommand the Game called "Dyson sphere program" on steam. Its still early access, but if you enjoy games like Factorio, you'll love Dyson sphere as well.



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Upon reflecting on my personal preferences and experiences, I would say that my favorite game, excluding ETS2/ATS, is FIFA 23. This game appeals to me due to its realistic gameplay mechanics, which provide an immersive and authentic soccer experience. Additionally, FIFA 23 offers a diverse range of game modes, including career mode, ultimate team, and online multiplayer, which allows me to explore and engage with various aspects of the game. I appreciate the regular updates and content additions to FIFA 23, such as player transfers and team kits, which keep the game fresh and exciting. Overall, FIFA 23 is a well-designed and enjoyable game that caters to my interests in both sports and gaming.

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I'll dabble in Minecraft on occasion. I'll also get into phases of intense Warhammer III: Total War. Various city builders Like City Skylines. Survival games like Ark and racing games such as F1.


I'm actually looking forward to Assassins' Creed: Mirage, Skull and Bones and Starfield.


Outside of videogames, since I assume it still counts.. table top Dungeons and Dragons.

Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead - Mac McCleary


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly - Author Unknown


If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there -  Lewis Carroll

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