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  1. i love to listen to pop music some but i really hate rock and hardcore cause they are most times only sounds
  2. i like Christmas about the presents but that is not the only ting i love everyone decorating their house people coming together hoping for snow at Christmas (that almost never happens in my country) and the Christmas tree although covid ruined everything i wish everyone the best in this hard times
  3. okay so a friend helped my via discoord and it turnd out i named the map wrong i called it mods instead of mod so its fixed now thanks for helping me atleast merry christmas and a happy new year
  4. about that common mistake i didnt make that it in the right map ect so that cant be it but what i see in diffrence between de install is that on the article it has a crome logo on my pc is just a paper could that be anyting?
  5. hello i installed the winter mod but i dont see anyting diffrent so i think i did someting wrong
  6. i dont like horror movies either they can scare someone very hard my dad watches handmaids tale but i completely dont like it i dont watch series that much and i feel the same for horror and action movies
  7. lets hope its so i have been to germany very much for jobs and i see almost nobody on the roads expect the area around duisburg
  8. whats your favourite movie genre? mine is comedy or animation
  9. i use the cheapest scania truck to drive its really great and fast
  10. i play minecraft and roblox and f 2018 and i used to play cities skylines but i have problems with it so i cant play it
  11. i drove many times on it but its dangerous because most pepole drive idiotic
  12. i reccomed byhond the baltic sea its great and nice decorated
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