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  1. Never i just finished my study this year and its time to get a job
  2. i did it its a pretty good survey keep up da work
  3. I agree i come from the Netherlands and i miss the windmills and countryside . The Calias Duisburg road should also be revamped. Sometimes is wayy to chaotic there.
  4. Hi there. I dont think its possible to have custom horns in TMP. Only the horns that come with the game. I might be wong because i never tried to have a custom horn. But as far as i know its not possibble. Greetings from your mede landgenoot
  5. tbh its not as bad as a mercedes but no i dont really like it scania is wayy better
  6. i love the music from 2010 to 2019 as its very nice
  7. Because its an iveco i cant watch it. Scania is the best there is.
  8. I want to keep the old UI as its better than the new one. Mainly because we are used to it for years
  9. what are speed limts? i just drive as fast as i can The ''speed limit'' signs are speed asvisors for me
  10. ello roblox player here i play alot o rblox gamez like bloxburg and more
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