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Real Operations V14!


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Of course, my IRL job has me working an 8 hour shift. Starting 2 hours into it.


Was anything learned from 13? Are the op locations actually going to be shared with everyone instead of shared with 1 player who hogs it? Will staff actively being involving everyone, and not just 2% of the entire the server?


Maybe i'll be able to attend 15.

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Truly one of the best events hosted by TruckersMP. Real Operations never fails to deliver a unique experience, with new scenes to see in every version.


However, although the execution of the event was flawless, I still feel as if Real Ops V14 didn't deliver the same level of experience as previous editions. This however, mainly comes from the lack of custom map edits compared to previous versions, which is always affected by time, availability and how many staff members have the knowledge on how to create such edits. With other events to focus on simultaneously, and previous Event Managers/Add-on Team members leaving in the recent months, it was unfortunately to be expected.

That being said, knowing how challenging such an event is to prepare and manage, the TruckersMP team always proves what good teamwork can do. Following my experience in helping out with Real Operations behind the scenes twice in the past, I really appreciate the time and effort that the team puts into this each year.


I'm already looking forward to Real Operations V15 🚧 🏗️


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