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  1. > and those who continue to make reports that do not meet the reporting rules will eventually be left in a situation where they may only create one report. will this mean people will have now a single report possible minimum and nobody would have none left at any given time?
  2. I wonder when we could expect 1.48
  3. Yeah, but in the World of Trucks events, you might lost the items. Compared to TMP's Operation HQ event, which scs just don't show the actual "outdated" event anymore, keep the said achivement for anyone that joined TMP so far, which make me think I can still do it. If I can't then why show me in the achivement page the "unobtainable" achivement? Oh and I again forgot, the items you get from the World of Trucks events can still be buyable in the steam market
  4. it seem that anyone that joined on March 14th 2022 or later can't get the "Operation HQ" achivement, despite the fact they joined after the event ended (E. G. I joined in june 10th. Yet, I have this achivement blocked by unreachable goal).
  5. I mean, the sim1 and sim 2 was a great move for obvious reasons. but promods, the majority is in an already bad road to even try to go 110kmph, so why would try to go higher? And more isolated parts are easier to go around the slower players and the map is quite bigger than normally. so it is fine by default. Meanwhile, on ATS, the servers was already dead, so going 130 was fine, but you wouldn't find much people, I did a trip from nevada to brithish columbia (PM canada), and only saw like 5 person in total. In a trip of over 2 000km. And the most assured place to see at least 1 player is at Las Vegas, not even moving most of the time. I feel that sim2 could just be EU and sim1 become sim, and in sim 1, maybe a 10kmph decrease will be a better compromise. so, if you follow truck speed limits at all times, you don't feel slow down in the UK (max of 97kmph [60mph] in highways) or in Romania (100kmph [62mph] in highways)
  6. Description: so I know why in the ProMods server why there is that restriction, but it feel out of place in the PM arcade server, since there is no collisions anyways, why should we be restricted still? Should it be there in the first place for that server? Image of what it is right now (will be in a google disc link as a single ets2 screenshot is over 500kB) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aaxqlp-_jAhJCMXl4wLjg65eeoILgvs1/view?usp=share_link Why it should be "added" (technically, removing something) : well, as i said, there aren't any collisions to start whit in the arcade servers, so why prohibit something if the only that could be hurted is yourself
  7. Explanation: when people have really bad laptops like me and lag a lot. When there is doubles on the very laggy zones (like 10+ players). They start to swing all over the place. And passing near one (which on his side, he drove straight) make yourself crash and fly. Which damage a lot often. Can also create collisions on both side because said earlier reasons. Making doubles a danger for poor people and they have the worst PCs ever. (I don't even earn 1000€ per month, and I need all the money to survive). Image: It isn't to do in images, but I also forgot to record it. Why it should be added: so people whit lag won't fly anymore because of multiple rendered trailers.
  8. So, here, we post suggestions that are jokes. I will start whit... In the 1st of April, anyone that should got banned on that day normally, will instead pulling whit a 130 HP car, a 2nd caravan model that have one cargo only, named "hell", and the weight of that cargo is 666 metric tons. And they can't cancel this delivery to TruckersMP HQ.
  9. No, they will be for events managers and admins. I don't think it will even happens, except if TMP team might love to see it once in ATS.
  10. I wonder what it look like using the map in-game also, questions: what navigation speed we are speaking? Car Speed Limit or Truck? And are we limited to truck as drivers?
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