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Ets 2 1.44 Update


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Hope everyone is fine.


I also tried 1.44 and hope TruckersMP support 1.44 soon. But i will be really impressed by TruckersMP developers if they can bring adaptive cruise control to multi-player which a really difficult job to do. 

And also excited for two new features which will be released soon by TruckersMP that is one the new job dispatcher and second the buses. These two are the most awaited things for TruckersMP players. 

Talking about ETS2 1.44 adjustable suspension and unmarked are my favorite features besides the adaptive cruise control. Now it will be easier to remember hidden roads on Promods servers as it has ton of hidden roads.


I am so excited for the future of ETS2 and TruckersMP.


Kind regards,


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Imo in version 1.44 the best is Austria Rework. 
Roads, landscapes are beautiful. 

And i think, that roads in austria can be a new "CD Road" haha. The winding roads are now very populated ?

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Guest Aras.

I really liked the update, especially the air suspension. I think there are C-D killer about the austria rework, the crowded road there is much nice and more enjoyable than C-D. I hope it doesn't lose its popularity.

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I really liked the 1.44 update, it added a lot of reality to the game.

                                                                                                                                                          Kind regards,


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