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  1. The maximum speed in multiplayer mode is 110 km/h. If you change the base plate of the 4x2, it will give you a much faster speed boost。
  2. Very much looking forward to the new map this time?
  3. I like places with a lot of people, I like to go to Calais-Duisburg, Hirkenes?,Are there any like me.
  4. I like the white with a little blue stripe.?
  5. What features of AI are you talking about?
  6. I feel that Michelin is better and Goodyear for high speed.
  7. I miss the old days when lots of people used to play together and now I'm the only one.?
  8. I can find out where my friend is directly from this map.?
  9. 感谢你的关注?

  10. You should note that you have to play offline for at least 2 hours before you can play online!
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