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  1. They could still use the mod, just on a "i cant drive" server
  2. Lowboy with either locomotive or helicopter. Heli just because it matches my paint job
  3. Maybe they should have a drivers test for the sim servers to remove the bad drivers
  4. I used 2000 for the longest time, XP was just a more polished version. Used that until I bought a new PC with windows 10 on it
  5. I started off running a Volvo, but recently decided to buy a new truck, a Scania. I enjoy both of these trucks. I also like my Peterbuit, its all I drive in ATS
  6. Nice! Good luck to all, as I already have a setup im happy with, i wont be entering to give those without a wheel +1 chances to get there first wheel.
  7. *sigh* 1. Its fine, go play on arcade if you dont like the speed on sim 1. 2. Use sim 2, or just go play on arcade. 3. If it has issues, why increase its capacity... 4. There only harsh if you dont drive properly. Learn to drive and it wont be an issue. Or...just go play on arcade
  8. I can use retarder when using cruise, but can't use engine brake. Interesting
  9. Big fan of retarder, though if heavy enough and grade is steep enough, i will throw engine brake on as well.
  10. dajokr

    Is calais good?

    No problems with calais, just the nut jobs that ignore traffic rules and opt for the "me first" method. Also, there are ways in and out of calais that avoid 99% of the wait times if your really in a rush. How busy calais is, is part of the draw to it. As cowie said though, feel free to visit any of the hundreds of other cities instead.
  11. Just pointing out things i did when i had that issue.
  12. Pretty much sums up how I have started playing the last couple months, much more relaxing experience too. And less likely to get banned for crashing into others. I almost wish limits were enforced on C-D road like they are in cities. Most accidents are because people dont like to wait and pass when its unsafe.
  13. H-shifter. 12+2 on ets, 18 on ats. Auto if i ever decide to use the car. Never liked auto, and sequential is basically tap shifting...no thanks.
  14. Mirror distance to medium. That ones bad for lag i found. Possibly your ISP or modem/router? Try restarting them if you havent already.
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