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Where should you stop your truck?


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Where should you stop your truck?

By Ash.exe

So, you're in a situation where you need to AFK but then you don't know where to stop. Fear not! This guide will outline some places you should and should not stop at! I will be covering the following topics:

  • How should you stop your vehicle?
  • Places to stop at including rating.
  • How do I pull out from the side of the road?
  • Extra notes.


How should you stop your vehicle?

This part is very simple but you don't just press the brakes and hope everything is well! Here is how you should stop:

  1. Observe some good places to stop at - All of this will be covered in the next section. 
  2. Switch on your hazard lights/signal towards the stopping location - This will notify drivers behind you that you will be stopping your truck. Alternatively, you can also signal towards the stopping location but should not be done near junctions or slip-roads. 
  3. Check your mirrors then move over to the stopping location - You need to do this to make sure no one is undertaking you. Once all traffic is clear, steer towards the stopping location.
  4. Drive a few metres to ensure your trailer fits in with the stopping location - I have seen a lot of drivers make the mistake of forgetting to do this. This results in the trailer sticking out to the road which can be dangerous.
  5. Switch to a neutral gear, turn on parking brakes and steer the wheels away from the road - This step is crucial because this prevents your truck from rolling back onto the road. Switching to a neutral gear will prevent accidental accelerations. Parking brakes will completely stop your truck from moving. And steering away from the road will allow your truck to roll away from the road, in the event where you forget to switch on parking brakes.
  6. Relax - Congrats! You can finally go AFK! If you want a further peace of mind, press F1 when stopped.


I have also linked a video here as a demonstration of this: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/jC45tAkfDwiFd/d1337KfIyUh8?invite=cr-MSxlVEQsMTI1MjAwNDMs


Places to stop at:

Service stations | 5/5 - Service stations have designated parking for trucks and conveniently located next to a motorway. 



Non-collision zones | 5/5 - NCZs are also a great place to stop at as trucks cannot collide with you. Examples of NCZ include:

  • Garages
  • Repair shops
  • Logistic companies
  • Ferries
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Hotels



Hard shoulders | 4/5 - Hard shoulders are lanes that separate vehicles that need to stop with traffic. Use hazard lights if stopping here.



Curb | 4/5 - Curbs are okay in general as it is separated from traffic. Use hazard lights if stopping here.



Terrain | 3/5 - While it might seem okay to stop here, you may risk minor damage if the terrain is rough. If stopping here, set your suspension to high and use hazard lights.



Sloped terrain | 3/5 - Because trucks are large in size, there is a risk of the truck roof sticking out on the road. If stopping here, move as far away from the road as possible, use parking brakes and hazard lights. Use suspension if you might be stuck.



Terrain on the opposite side of the driving road | 2/5 - Because trucks are slower than cars, it may be difficult for a truck to return back to the road if it is busy. Only stop here if the road isn't too busy and use hazard lights.



Duel Carriageways/Motorways | 2/5 - Stopping on a Duel Carriageway if hard shoulders are blocked off may cause a congestion behind you. Only stop here if the road isn't too busy and use hazard lights.



Single lane roads | 1/5 - Single lane roads are not a great place to stop at as vehicles behind may be forced to overtake. Overtaking is a risky manoeuvre. Only stop here if the road isn't busy.




Junctions | 0/5 - Stopping on a Junction is not a good idea as you may block other traffic. Find any other spot to stop at. Examples of junctions include:

  • Crossroads
  • T-junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Slip roads



Bends | 0/5 - Stopping on a bend is a collision risk as vehicles behind may not be able to see your truck. Find any other spot to stop at.



How do I pull out from the side of the road?

This is also quite simple to do but it is important you follow these steps to avoid becoming a hazard:

  1. Signal towards the road - This lets other drivers know you are going to exit the side road.
  2. Accelerate as much as you can on the side road - This prevents you from slowing down other drivers behind you.
  3. Check your mirrors then emerge - Check your mirrors for the final time. If you do not see any vehicles, emerge back into the road.


I have also linked a video here as a demonstration of this: https://medal.tv/games/euro-truck-sim-2/clips/jC4kQeeBS-e9D/d1337SYoaD1G?invite=cr-MSw1N28sMTI1MjAwNDMs


Extra notes:

  • If you find that you do not have enough room to accelerate or you are in a bad stopping position, run the /disconnect command then drive to a safer area.
  • To figure out whether the spot you are stopping at is the best spot:
    • Think about whether stopping there may sustain damage.
    • Think about how easy is it to leave that area.
    • Think about whether stopping there will cause congestion behind or in front of you.


Thank you for reading this guide. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop a message below!

Edited by ash.exe
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Very helpful guide, thanks for that! ?

                                                                                                                                               Driver in Bruijn Logistics



                                                                   Miss Laura 2.png

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Very helpful guide ? thank you 








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On 11/6/2022 at 5:17 PM, NoahTheGamer said:

yes i was going to say the only place to park your truck is in NCZ not on the side of the road as i have seen alot you wouldnt do it in real life so dont do it on truckersmp

Generally it's okay to stop around main roads given that you have hazards on. Sometimes it is not always possible to stop on an NCZ.


This guide isn't here to encourage people to stop at dangerous areas but as an indicator of which places are most appropriate to stop at. For any areas marked in red, they really should only be used as a last resort.

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