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This update is probably one of the most significant achievements that TruckersMP has ever made to date, especially as some of the features that have been implemented, such as making the fatigue simulation and job economy largely functional on TruckersMP, have been on the discussion tables for several years, and it just goes to show that TruckersMP has come a long way since the project began eight years ago. 


However, I do have a question that is related to this post:


Job offers finished after the connection are no longer penalised for a late delivery


Does this mean that it may be possible to take Quick Jobs without getting penalised for a late delivery upon selection of the job, or would this be part of a future update?

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I'm happy for this update, and to see that the TruckersMP team is managing to bring resources from SCS Convoys. \o/ 🙂

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7 hours ago, Meto5 said:

Hey @ShawnCZek It would be nice if there is an additional setting to change the 'tab' color in the tab settings menu. it would be great to be able to access the colors we want other than the default yellowish color.


Thanks for the update :love: 


For customising the in-game user interface, you may want to check out this guide: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/45897-in-game-ui-customisation/

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Nice! Great update as always.

I'll be looking forward to trying the map overlay, hopefully I can use it. Sounds promising.

Also, nice to get that bug of repeatedly "please stop the truck" fixed. It was annoying.

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