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Cargo pack


Cargo pack  

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  1. 1. Which cargo pack do you like the most?

    • Special Transport (ATS)
    • Special Transport (ETS2)
    • Heavy Cargo (ATS)
    • Heavy Cargo (ETS2)
    • High Power (ETS2)

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Which cargo pack(s) do you like the most and what is your favorite cargo(s)?


My favorite cargo pack is the High Power and my favorite cargos are the rstractor and helicopter 

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I like big trucks and I cannot lie

Those heavy loads make me smile

When I drive in with the lowboy in your face

You gotta make some space

Or you'll get stuck, gotta back up hard

Because your dry van's just too small

The V8 and the air horns blaring

Your passenger just keep staring

Oh baby, I really have to make sure

That I get that Vossloh

SCS tried to warn me

But the DC16 makes me so OP

"You are every conceivable reality."


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I personally enjoy both Heavy Cargo pack and Special Transport pack for ETS since they add a challenge. I like the heavier loads because then it doesn't feel like I'm hauling a feather 😂

For ATS I like all of them, or especially the Heavy Cargo Pack.

Sadly TMP doesn't support the special transport routes, because they would be nice to do. But of course I understand why they don't.

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Tabii ki ETS2 Ağır kargo paketinde. 

                                                                                 spacer.png    -Bruijn Logistics Driver-    spacer.png    




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