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How do you play?



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  1. 1. Which camera do you play with?

    • first person
    • third person
    • Both

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Не знаю как остальным, но похоже, что я скоро дождусь того момента, когда свободное кресло займёт какая-нибудь "Тянка" 😆



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Мы не вынуждаем Вас делать что-то ради себя и не приковываем какими либо "бредовыми" правилами, запрещающими то, что будет Вам и другим интересно.
Нету никакой "Администрации/Модерации и прочего бреда".
Полная свобода действий, как игрового или ролевого типа.
Делитесь своими лучшими фотками с игр, задавайте вопросы которые Вам помогут по играм или ином аспекте действий.


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I always play in first person view because it gives you a more realistic view and since I was a little kid I loved all the dashboards and all the dials and stuff so yeah. First person. I go into 3rd person only if I want to record smn that irritates me , back up or take a picture

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I was worried when looking at the results that people were actually driving all the time in third person. But thankfully no one selected that option.😂😂.

As most people here said I prefer driving in first person, but at times I go third person to look around. To reverse (My reversing skills in first person is non-existent), or just to look around either taking pictures, or enjoying my truck from outside.

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Guest _VAS_

No argument FPP it is:mlg_doge:

On 6/22/2021 at 6:09 PM, ALLIANCE Soniic said:

I always use camera 1 in the first person, sometimes camera 2. But only to see those who are coming from behind in a convoy. And I always use 3 to park.

Sshhh don't spill the beans about # 3 camera view. Let them think that we are pro enough to backup from cabin view:kappa:

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First person camera for sure but when the traffic is heavy and very slow, I like to switch to 3rd person camera to see what's going on in front of me :))


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Firstly, I would like say a huge thanks for creating this topic! 


In that case, I prefer driving from first person because of more realistic view 🙂 than from other views, that you can choose in -game



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