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TruckersMP Event System!


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Isn't it too late for that? It should be a feature in TruckersMP for a long time. And now we have many competitive and independent event systems like

ets2c and you actually make it ?

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TruckersMP Event System - great news! 

I hope that all kinds of community events organized at TruckersMP will be published by players them only/or among others in the new Event System. 


Additionally, players will no longer need to use external sites(attendance confirmation page) to request event server at TruckersMP.
This is a step in the right direction, without doubt.


Happy Trucking ???

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22 hours ago, Phon said:

We understand how much the community would appreciate a single, central place for events where you can schedule your own

Good Morning.


This is a wonderful idea.


Only you could add one more option to the Visibility list.

- Draft
- My VTC
- Public.

Jorge Sandi


Nova Transports CEO


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Question, Is this going to make it so that any events listed on the ETS2C Site will have to make a TMP Event post to get an approved server? Or will the events currently listed on the ETS2C Site still be eligible for a server?


MixedUp | BVAR Trucking

Languages: English & French (Written)

BVAR Trucking | Event Manager, Streamer & CC
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The change really is very good, congratulations for the update!

Now I have a question: We will be able to add a bot to our Discord Server where with a reaction the participant already confirms his presence, without having to access the TruckersMP website? TruckyEvent offers this option... :wesmart:

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