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Please put the no collision mode in the area at the port of Calais to help the game community

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Hello you presented a support to my post for help to the online community I hope you will tell me your support in the following post TruckersMP; daris of this pos I would like to ask if opened the possibility to put no collision in the port of calais as it was before the update 1.39 is something very necessary to help the online community since there are a lot of crashes and big jams in that place and if had the No collision mode in the area would not pass that jams. Thank you very much, And I hope I don’t get dumped again.



A cordial greeting to the entire TruckersMP staff and I look forward to support everyone/community thank you.






Hola les presentó un apoyo a mi pos para la ayuda a la comunidad del online espero que me deán su apoyo en el siguiente pos TruckersMP; atreves de este pos le quisiera preguntar si abría la posibilidad de poner no colisión en el puerto de calais como estaba antes de la actualización 1.39 es algo muy necesario para ayudar a la comunidad del online ya que hay mucho choques y grandes atascos en ese lugar y si tenía el modo no colisión en el área no pasaría eso atascos. etc desde ya muchas gracias, y espero que no me dean de baja el pos de nuevo.


Un saludo cordial a todo el staff  TruckersMP  y espero el apoyo todos/a comunidad gracias.




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Yo creo que asi es perfecto. Asi como en la realidad, cuando hay gilipollas que quieren todos ir en el mismo sitio hay tambien accidentes y colas.

La solucion no es poner no collision, seria regalar un cerebro a todas estas personas y enseñarles que hay una mapa completa de casi toda europa para conducir, y no solo duisbur y calais :)


For me tha way it is now is perfect. As in the real world when you have too much idiot that want to drive in the same place, you also have accidents and queues.

The best solution is give a brain to all those people and show them that they have a full europe map to drive, not only duisburg and Calais! :)

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NCZ would ruin it.

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Guest Zonda R

I support your suggestion. I also suggest that Calais port should be turned into a collision free zone, which will reduce the traffic congestion


best regards

Player: Zonda R

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If people followed the road markings and left one-by-one (not as hard as you think) then it would be fine :P

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