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  1. Alex nice work. I have set all at minimums, to understand what I mean, If I take a roundabout ad 30 KM/H I risk to flip on a side I had some friends with truck in real life and the average speed on a roundabout is 9 km/h Yesterday, however, I've seen that the truck FINALLY, was a little less stable, did you improve this things too? For me was a big surprise, I nearly flipped in finland at 80 km/h in the highway...I was happy
  2. And this is exactly the problem...they DON'T WANT to make TB compatible with VTCW, and this is why I'm letting TB, I don't give a f°°° to use a software that is managed this way. bye bye TB
  3. Yes, i’m in a company that use both, but TB doesn’t works well with vtcWorld. It register 1 trip out of 10...is a shame how TB team is managing this thing...
  4. I always Flash, and if I'm in an area with not much traffic, I also wish a "nice trip" on CIBI. I'm costantly looking on a "real way" to drive the truck...but for this I'm increasing the hours playing in Single Player, I think that 80% of people, on Truckers MP just are not looking for a real simulation...and after a bit is frustrating
  5. Maybe I can't properly understand what's your problem, but I had an issue, at the beginning, that sounds similar to me...I was joking with "sensibility" and I just spend some times to understand that I should set Sensibility to maximum and "non linear" setting to minimum. Now as i move my Wheel the truck turn...and if I turn slowly the truck also turn very slowly... Can you put a screenshot of your settings?
  6. I totally agree with you, I always wait to see what does the player that hit me. If he has a good behaviour, usually he just write or tell "sorry man"...when I ear a "sorry" I never record and report a people, mistakes are humans, and an accident can also increase my experience in a simulator, but when I see someone arriving at 100 kp/h in the wrong direction because he wanted to pass another truck in a tunnel, well...that is, for me, Reckless driving...and I'll report the user.
  7. I go in Iceland just when I want to full my reports slots. For me is not that funny to find lot of people, because the majority of people are not looking to drive in a real-like way, but they just want to speed with unrealistic settings. I play with realisti settings, manual shifter and I can't turn at 80 kmp/h or take a turn at 50 kmp/h, and I'm sick to find people that speed or hit me just because they MUST travel at 90 kmp/h all the time. And this is something I won't never understand, if people don't like to spend time on the street, just don't play a Truck simulator.
  8. In Italy we say: "La mamma dei cretini è sempre incinta"...in english could be something like "dumb's mother is always pregnant"...and I think is the best explanation for this kind of things
  9. If i'm tired I can reach 90kph in my last km...but never more then this. I like play in the more real manner possible.
  10. Thx God one car user less Have you ever tryed to make a turn with rain in real life with 23 tons of trailer? Do you know the speed of a loaded truck in a roundabout in real life???? It's, in average, 11 kph Just to let you know.
  11. obit8

    Funny ban excuses

    I always record my trip, so I can easily report a user, but I always follow a simple rule. If after hit me the driver say something to apologize, then I won't report that player, if he say nothing or laugh then I will report. I put my video evidence on youtube, and I receive often comment from the perpetreators insulting me, is really funny!
  12. My opinion is that if you want drive like in the real world you can use the phisyc without problem. If you want to run fast then you should think to not install the physic. I drive like in the real world, and when you have 23tons trailer you can't just brake...and if you set the brake intensity to maximum then forget it...but this is not a simulation, if you want a real simulation put your break intensiti to 1/3, and learn to use retarder instead of brake before a turn. The problem with physics is that when you start to lost traction, if you don't do anything to correct the pr
  13. Yo creo que asi es perfecto. Asi como en la realidad, cuando hay gilipollas que quieren todos ir en el mismo sitio hay tambien accidentes y colas. La solucion no es poner no collision, seria regalar un cerebro a todas estas personas y enseñarles que hay una mapa completa de casi toda europa para conducir, y no solo duisbur y calais For me tha way it is now is perfect. As in the real world when you have too much idiot that want to drive in the same place, you also have accidents and queues. The best solution is give a brain to all those people and show them that they have
  14. I really like it, great job...How you did it? I mean, Why you need to edit save file to make a truck? There is a guide to follow?
  15. I like real simulation and I appreciate every single player in TruckersMP that drive in a "real like" manner and gave me the experience to be really on the road. I prefer to drive in Promods because it seems to have more mature people, but I'm always ready to REC every annoying user and fill a report, I believe that together we can make TruckersMP every day better.
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