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Found 10 results

  1. >-----------------------------------------< 🖼WELCOME TO MY GALLERY🖼 //This Topic Will Adjust The Content Again// >-----------------------------------------< // Intro // Hello Welcome to my Gallery of my🖼 pictures 🖼and 🎞videos🎞. These works are deeply influenced by the tutorial of Mingran7 and inspire me to explore the image beautification of ETS2 and ATS in the early days. Also, I like to edit Videos and Explore more so don't forget to Visit my VIDEO Gallery. // Which is included // This topic include my designed picture and video. I'm afraid that create more pictures again will be illegal so I uploaded both here. Which means you can find our new videos released information faster here. // Notice // I would like to share my pictures with you. But be careful, Image's URL were from discord. Which means not all people can see these pictures. I will find more platforms to add these picture. Due to the warning, only one post related to Gallery can be posted on this section of show your works, so it needs to be adjusted. I will complete the adjustment as soon as possible, I hope you can understand Our works in this topic will upload daily normally , After processed images updated, I look for legacy images (unprocessed, relatively good images) and new pictures for processing. Most of time once or twice a week until no more images and stop update. // Outro // And now here we go! Welcome to my Gallery, and wish you a nice Journey.
  2. Hey! Show your truck and trailer at a nice place or show one of your greatest photo of your truck that you have ever taken.
  3. ? ? Enjoy my gallery ? ? ( Enjoy my photos and tell me what do you think about my work. I appreciate comments to improve my job )
  4. Hey there, For example: You are in VTC Phoenix and another player wants to know which VTC you are in without asking you. Then they can simply look at your profile or simply see the VTC photo next to your name ingame (for us the Pheonix). Suggestion Name: VTC Picture next to Player Name Suggestion Description: As I said above, it's about a picture that should be next to the name. I will attach a picture below where you can see it a bit better. However, I would like to say that this function is only for VTCs that are validated or verified. This way the TMP team can better check what kind of pictures are there. Any example images: here Why should it be added?: It should be added to the game because I think it would be a great new feature that is missing in the game. Also, only the people who are in the VTC can have this picture, so no strangers (who are not in the VTC) can use the picture. This would reduce the problems with the TAG (everyone can use every tag).
  5. Hello, I have a question. I know how to upload pictures at the status or at replies, but unfortunately, I am having issues with the total sizes. What shold I do and how? Can I upload them somewhere and paste the link somewhere? I also tried it out to make a screenshot of the screenshot, but it failed as well... 1 file would exceed the total allowed size of 412.453kB, and was skipped I'd appreciate it very much if anyone can help me out with that. Have a nice day, Niv
  6. Hello people. I wonder If we can upload profile pictures and wallpapers on our TruckersMP profile that are above the limit. The limit 0.5mb's or something like that but I see some people that upload pictures that are surely over 0.5mb's. If anyone can help me with this problem, It will be much appreciated.
  7. How can I send a picture? I sometimes want to post a photo of my truck in the forum, but I do not know how to send it! I'd be happy if someone helped me Regards Mohammad.
  8. Mod Version: N/AControllers Used:N/ADescription of Issue: Website Profile Picture no matter what selection reverts to none if you try and click gravatar it just takes you to gravatar and closes the website if you upload an image and hit save it still reverts to noneHow to reproduce: Click on Gravatar or upload an image and hit save Screenshots / Videos:
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