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  1. So today i was driving on a one lane on each side road. the other lane didnt have anyone so it felt safe to overtake the guy infront of me. as i was doing that, he ran into me and blocked the way so i cant overtake him. though i managed to overtake him by fighting him a little bit. my question is, who is right in this kind of situation?
  2. Thank you so much for your answer!
  3. Hello people. I wonder If we can upload profile pictures and wallpapers on our TruckersMP profile that are above the limit. The limit 0.5mb's or something like that but I see some people that upload pictures that are surely over 0.5mb's. If anyone can help me with this problem, It will be much appreciated.
  4. Depends. I usually do one job that has a very long distance or 3-4 jobs that has medium distance. Around 2 hours I guess.
  5. I'll add a Truck showcase room in-game. Basically you can just go to the Truck Showcase rooms at anytime and see what kind of Trucks the community has made. You can buy those trucks and the creator of that truck will receive some kind of community points that can be able to claim rewards and stuff like that. It will be pretty cool you know.
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