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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule Suggestion Description: Just a basic script that turns off beacons if there is a certain amount of playing in a radius. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I think this should be added because many people still use beacons in high populated area's which is against the rules which also causes lag for other players. How I think this would work, is by a script detecting the amount of players in a radius (same type of the tab player list) and when it gets over and certain number, it turns off the beacons to reduce lag and to also keep the player from getting kicked/banned. I would think that the number 30 would be great for the script to turn the beacons off, the number is not too low or not too high, just perfect Not only that this is reducing lag, it also enforces the rule. If you wish, you can make it so in the TruckersMP Launcher settings, there can be a part so you can turn the script on or off because most people like to have beacons on and sometimes the script may turn off the beacons even tho there is not one near you but still saying a high number on the player list from a convoy far away. Another good idea adding to this idea is that it will put a message on your screen saying that the beacons have been disabled. For Example: "[CONSOLE] Beacons Turned Off Because Amount Of Players!" I do hope this idea gets into ETS2MP because it will help many people (hopefully) I have used the search option, nothing came up for the term *beacons* which is to do of what I said above I'm not good with idea's but this could actually be a good one
  2. New Admin Vehicle Costumization Options: Suggestion Description: Hello Everyone. I got a new suggestion to make regarding the paintjobs that admins could use in truckersmp. I spoke to some admins and we came to a conclusion that some of them still prefer trucks over cars. So how could we solve this. First of all i would like to propose on an idea we came up with. As many of truckersmp players know. There is a paintjob specificly used by admins with blue lights ofcourse. So my question is: Why not add a police skin for trucks that are already available in steam workshop? (i am aware that the skins would have to be modified.) Thats what i would like to suggest. Also i suggest that blue light beacons would be added to the trucks. And even Police trailers skins should be available for the admins to use. i would like to suggest that they should be reflective aswell. Any Example Images? Pictures are unavailable atm. Why Should This Be Added? So why should this be implemented. Well it would give admins more choices of ,,patrolling" i believe it could make the game more realistic (because police trucks already exist to carry equipment etc.) Also from my point of view its always nice to see something different than cars and if the skins are going to look nice and it will allow the administrators drive and finish jobs. I dont see anything negative than adding work to the addon team. So what other advantages does it have then improving realism. Well it adds more options for admins which means more freedom of choice. I will be happy to find out your opinions and ideas/suggestions. And also ill be happy to know if its possible to make or not. Thank you for reading this. And i want to wish you a nice day. Sincerly, Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515
  3. Beacons, flags, and oversize load banners are available in multiplayer, but can't be seen by other players.
  4. First and foremost, I want to apologize if this is in the wrongful section. I had issues deciding weather or not this was a "general discussions" matter or a "help" matter. If this is wrongfully posted where it should not belong, I'll be more than fine with a staff member moving it to a diffrent section. Never the less. A couple days ago, my friend sent me a snapchat video from ingame where he was operating a MAN. On his truck, he had put flashing/blinking lights on his door by his doorhandle. And he also had a new beacon. I asked him if this was something he had bought in terms of DLC or not, but he denided and told me this was a new update on both SP and MP. After purchasing the truck, I could simply not seem to find anything simmilar in the repair shop. So I decided to reach out to the community. I've been inactive for some months and I'm just getting back at truckin'. I just can't seem to find any updates about it (At truckersmp and SCS's website). I found the lights to be pretty awesome and I'd love to add them to my rig. Edit: It was something simmilar to this by his grill: https://youtu.be/ZvvTLW-8hyo?t=1m2s Any help in this matter is highly appreciated. Best regards, Protax
  5. So, I didn't feel like this was something that was substantial enough to be a Suggestion/go into the Suggestions section of the Forum. I feel like this is more of a General Discussion and I more or less just have a question for the Mod Devs but also feel like the Community would want to discuss it. The topic is on adding a Strobing Beacon/Lightbar for the Pilot Car. In the 1.29 Public Beta for ATS, SCS added new animations for beacons, currently only for AI (Police/Fire/EMS/Construction/Etc) that is a strobing animation, rather than rotating. And when the Specialized Transport DLC for ETS2 launches, the Pilot Vehicles will have these new strobing animations as well. Modders are already adding these new animations to their Beacon Mods so that we, the players, can use them as well (In Singleplayer). And so, it begs the question of the MP Devs: Will the Pilot Car get a new Beacon/Lightbar that makes use of these new strobing animations? It would be nice to have as most Emergency/Warning lighting these days are strobing LEDs and it would also bring just a little bit more diversity to Multiplayer. Nowadays I rarely see rotating Beacons/Lightbars anymore IRL. They are still around, just not as common. I mostly see them on older Fire Engines and Volunteer Firefighters personal cars. The last vehicle I have seen to have a rotating Lightbar is one of my local Fire Department's Tankers and only because the truck is nearly 20 years old (Close to the age they replace their Fire Engines, so it won't be around much longer) when rotating Lightbars were so incredibly common. I feel some other players, along with myself, would like to see a strobing Beacon/Lightbar for the Pilot Car. Bring it up to more modern times, now that SCS has created the animation and coding for it to be possible. What are everyone's thoughts? Would you like to see the Pilot Car get a strobing Beacon/Lightbar? Or would you rather the Pilot Car not get one and why so? I'm going to add a Poll to this topic so everyone can easily express interest/disinterest in the idea without needing to post a reply, if they don't want to. To the Forum Mods/TMP Staff, if you feel that maybe this should actually be a Suggestion, lemme know and I'll post it as a Suggestion. I just made it a General Discussion Topic as I didn't feel like it was an important enough idea/feature that it should be treated as a Suggestion for MP. There are far more important things that deserve proper attention for Suggestions than a little thing like a new Pilot Car Beacon/Lightbar and I didn't want to waste the Devs/Forum Mods time by making a useless post in Suggestions since it was more or less just a question anyways. And for any users who don't know/aren't sure of what I'm talking about when I say a strobing Beacon/Lightbar, this is what I'm talking about. //SEIZURE WARNING! If You Have Epilepsy Or Are Prone To Seizures Caused By Flashing Lights, Do NOT Watch!\\
  6. In the rules it says that you can no longer use beacons at busy places, I guess because of lag? It also mentions Calais - Duisburg Road, can someone show me a screen shot of the road as I'm unsure of it. Also, wouldn't it be easier to just ban beacons all together? Saves having to change the rules regarding them constantly...
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