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  1. AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR " GAME.SII" FILE CONTENT VERSION #1 NOTE: It will be updated as soon as possible. NEW FEATURES: --COLOURED. --EXHAUST ADDED. --SUN VISOR ADDED. *****MOTOR KODLARI**ENGINE CODS** Kenworth W900 (625HP): /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/engine/catc15.sii International LoneStar (605HP): /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/engine/x15_605.sii Peterblit 389 (625HP): /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/engine/catc15.sii Peterblit 579 (600HP): /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/engine/isx15_600.sii Vo
  2. How to open the back of your Trailer! 1. First of all buy a Curtainsider Trailer. 2. Press the Quick Save Button (You can do that from the settings!) 3.Do ALT+TAB and go to: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/(go on your profile where you want to open the back)/save/quicksave 4.Drag the game folder on Sll_Decrypt 5. Open Game folder 6. To find the Codes search for "license" and you will find all codes from your Trailer! 7. Then you need to find this code and do it like this ---> 8.Then you need to find this Code, it shoud be right abow the other one we did
  3. Yükleme Ekranında Uzun Süre Bekleme Merhaba, sizlere bu rehberimde oyunun giriş ekranında neden uzun süre beklediğiniz ve nasıl bu problemden kurtulacağınızı anlatacağım şunuda belirtmek isterimki bu kesin olarak bu problemi çözemeyebilir bu durumda elinizden herhangi bir şey maalesef gelmez Bu problem neden oluşur Nedenleri ; • Kodlama yapmak. • Bilgisayar donanımınız. • Çok uzun süre kullanılmış oyun (save) dosyası. • Kendinize ait olmayan profilleri kullanmak. Ve buraya ekleyemediğim birçok neden. Çözümler Çözüm :
  4. Hello. Today I was driving down kirkenes and saw triple tanker. And double locomotive. I am wondering if someone can explain how to save edit trailers? Thanks for any help I would really appreciate it a lot! (Mods, I tried finding right place to post this but I hate forums and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask, if not please can you move this to where it needs to be asked? Thanks!)
  5. W momencie, kiedy przyjmę zlecenie i wejdę do gry to przy próbie wczytania save pokazuje mi się informacja, że save jest uszkodzony i nie można go załadować. Miał ktoś taki problem albo zna rozwiązanie?
  6. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.disc
  8. Недавно я попытался воспользоваться программой Virtual Speditor(Последней версии), но на компе не было профиля. Я отключился от Steam Cloud, профиль появился, я поиграл 5 дней, потом опять попытался найти сохранение в Virtual Speditor, но там были только 3-ёх дневной давности. Кто-нибудь сталкивался с такой проблемой или догадывается как её решить?
  9. RU: Привет. Столкнулся с проблемой. Сохранил себе сейвы когда последний раз играл. Там был 28 лвл, машина полностью затюненная и даже 2-3 гаража имел, также ещё 2 машины было. Сегодня решил поиграть, обновился TruckerMP и сама игра. Захожу в TruckerMP и вижу, что у меня новый аккаунт. Пошаманил чутка с сейвами и даже гайды смотрел, ничего не поменялось. Когда захожу как бы со старого профиля, у меня вылезает это https://imgur.com/a/yqMfmzM и игра сбрасывает мне профиль на новый. Что делать? EN: Hey. Faced a problem. I saved my saves when I last played. There was 28 lvl, the car was co
  10. Guest

    Cargo Mass

    Hello! Is there any way that you can edit your trailer mass? I heard from players that you can but nobody answered how. I tried searching YouTube but didn`t found any videos. Can somebody help me?
  11. Hi ! For first my English is not perfect, and I'm very sorry about that. On July 6, 2020 I was banned for 2 weeks (July 28, 2020). I still wanted to play, so I go to the SOLO. I was on update 1.38 and added mods to my game. Today that I am no longer banned, I went to go to the MP but the game warned me to upgrade my version to 1.37. No problem, I'm doing it. When arriving on the game, the game warns me that my saves are not compatible. While I had to disable my mods. Going back to version 1.38 and still without mod. The game is working fine and my saves working...
  12. Hello, I haven t played the game for about two months, I just had other things. I turned on the game and what? throws me out of the server for inappropriate parts on the truck, I will add that other players also have almost the same configuration edit recording. I am asking because I am curious why this is happening. https://imgur.com/bo5G1UR
  13. Hello fellow Truckers! I am making a guide for how to change your profile name in both ETS 2 and ATS. This is mainly for those who have downloaded a profile with a random name that they wish to change to one that they want. Firstly, download the following: SII_Decrypt: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ldlmap8006wl375/SII_Decrypt.exe/file Java: https://java.com/en/download/windows_offline.jsp textcov: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9yikylftl5jxxdm/textcov.jar/file (I recommend downloading and installing this too, it's very helpful for editing anything - No
  14. https://prnt.sc/qcp9gp Tırımın ön kısmına XF DLC'si ile birlikte gelen DAF için olan tampon ekini taktım sadece bu var başka bir şey yapmadım buna izin varmı acaba?
  15. Bonjour, Lorsque je joue a ETS2MP, quand je roule dès qu'il y a une sauvegarde auto qui s'effectue mon jeux crash et se ferme, et cela me le fais seulement en multijoueur en solo tout fonctionne à merveille. Sinon j'ai deja essayé de le désinstaller puis de le réinstaller mais ce problème persiste. Auriez vous une autre solution à me proposer ?
  16. Suggestion Name: Implement storage saves multiplayer player not on the computer and on the server. Suggestion Description: It would be very good if saving in multiplayer worked only in multiplayer and you have stored on the servers. For the first time entering the multiplayer game is requested to create a new profile. And also make sure to save the single player did not work in multiplayer. This is due to the fact that some of the players with the help of special programs in the single player to increase their money, experience, and etc. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be
  17. Cześć, chciałbym z wami się podzielić, na którym mam obecnie wszystkie garaże, 100% mapy. Save jest bez DLC. Save działa w wersji MP i na najnowszej wersji Euro Truck Simulator 2 [KILKA ZDJĘĆ] https://imgur.com/a/xlDjtQC https://imgur.com/a/39C5Po6 https://imgur.com/a/qlFeELc Save ma: - 4mld zł. - 73 garażów - 160 ciężarówek - 156 kierowców - 388 LVL Pobierz: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ul9tzqn8tsz25lo/457175616C6972754D.zip/file Skan: https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/f4c507bd2c63295ac34cc7dfef
  18. Hello, last few days I have noticed that after reinstallation of my computer I have totally forgot to backup my save files, but i find out that I can use ''Wondershare Recoverit''. I have done formatt disk recovery and I also got my saves back but when I put them in profile folder the won't load/show on screen while choosing your profile in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Please help me.
  19. Since there is no way for me to save myself from bad drivers and trolls and hackers I use the autosave feature. My (A) key on my controller is mapped to autosave so I save every 30 seconds or so. I've seen it so many times, Someone loads in and even though they spawn in ghost mode, whoever the unlucky person that was currently inside said truck gets flinged off into the sun. It's happened to me on both sides, and iv'e had someone tell me that i'm recorded and banned for a glitch in the game. Can I really get banned for something out of my control? I would use the no damage mod but well that's
  20. for the save editing people out there \/ How do you take the county part out of your license plate? so I can just have a plain license plate with colors text
  21. [RO] Problema cu salvarea in ETS/ATS. Recent am intampinat o problema, pe care cu greu am rezolvat-o si pentru care nu am gasit nicaieri solutie. Orice faceam, jocul nu salva nici macar cu salvare automata. Un moderator m-a ajutat spunandu-mi ca poate fi din config din ets, insa nu aceasta era problema. Asa ca spun de acum: ATENȚIE LA ANTIVIRUS! Intr-adevar, problema era de la antivirus, deoarece folosesc BitDefender, acesta a blocat automat jocul, nepermitandu-i sa modifice sau creeze fisiere. Mi-am dat seama cand am vazut ca in fisierul Euro Truck Simulator 2 din Doc
  22. Witam jak w temacie chcialem zapytc jak mam edytowac save i czy jest sens wrzucania silnikow volvo do innych truckow jesli pozniejpo jakiejkolwiek zmianie , np lakieru , orurowania , swiatel itd , wyskakuje mi atrapa od volvo FH16 np w DAFie , a na moim nowym actrossie mam napis ''750 '' z boku i maly napis ''FH16 '' z przodu Tak jak mowie , bezposrednio po edycjijest ok , ale pozniej wychodzi szydlo z worka Czy np wrzucenie silnika od FH12 byloby lepszym pomyslem ? tam nie ma te srebrnej zmieniajacej sie atrapy jak w FH16
  23. Szukam save do gry ETS2, bez modów. Wymagania: - 100% mapy - wszystkie garaże - nie muszą być pracownicy - nie musi być milion ciężarówek Bardzo potrzebuję tego save.
  24. Hi. I have a simple problem. I cannot create a save in multiplayer, nor to overwrite an existing one. I created a save in single player, then when I tried to save the game in multiplayer it freezes for a couple of seconds, and nothing happens. I did not have this problem before, the save worked perfectly.
  25. focheur

    save lost

    hello, I allow you to ask for your help I played a few months ago to see years in multi with friends, I decided to replay, but I realize that I'm no longer any backup, I must absolutely recomend multiplayer! it is possible to recover the old backup on a server? reactivated or do not know? Thank you
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