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  1. Szwagier[PL]

    New Mexico DLC Giveaway

  2. Szwagier[PL]

    Led Up Truck

    Hello, do leds that are on the top of the truck break the rules of the game? TMP? https://zapodaj.net/f9d328e2aa360.png.html
  3. came here just to say your air dancer idea is really good because I can't reply there. Submit a proper suggestion man :) 

    1. Szwagier[PL]


      This is my first post so I do not know how to add suggestions so that you can comment on it

    2. [TPH] +theo+

      [TPH] +theo+



      Please suggest this to SCS as this is more related to SCS then TruckersMP as we do not develop the game in general.


      Please follow this format:

      Suggestion Name: 

      Suggestion Description:

      Any example images: 

      Why should it be added?




  4. Szwagier[PL]

    Air Dancer

    Hello, I came up with an idea to add Air Dance guy in different cities it would be nice to put two people near the site, so that they could move independently of each other, maybe my idea for the TMP project will be nice it is about adding this to ETS 2.
  5. Szwagier[PL]

    Slow motion ets 2

    Witam chciałem poruszyć pewien problem, do rzeczy włączyłem Cheat Engine i speed Hacka na singlu tylko po to żeby szybciej odkrywać mapy jak go wyłączyłem to pojawił się problem, mianowicie gra działa płynnie ale w zwolnionym tempie czułość kierownicy mam ustawioną na full a skręca tak jakby była ustawiona na minimum o co chodzi?
  6. Szwagier[PL]

    Master Truck 29.07.2017r

    Będę tak na 90%