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  1. Szwagier[PL]


    Hello, I noticed on the TMP that there is a coach, but how to use it?
  2. Hello, I haven t played the game for about two months, I just had other things. I turned on the game and what? throws me out of the server for inappropriate parts on the truck, I will add that other players also have almost the same configuration edit recording. I am asking because I am curious why this is happening. https://imgur.com/bo5G1UR
  3. On October 18, my MP Truckers account will be deleted depending on a certain steam lock, including (͡ ° ʖ̯ ͡ °). Let us know so you don't ban too many MP Truckers accounts later. (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  4. So how do I duplicate these small LED lights and the floating parts will remove it will be ok? because he writes that it is possible to duplicate parts
  5. https://imgur.com/a/FkdkPgk Hello, some changes in the editing of the changes have changed, the option of duplicating objects on the truck is allowed so I am asking if such a configuration is allowed? because I noticed that quite a few players have this way and before I remove the post I would like to learn a bit about it.
  6. Hello, I am glad that there is such an event but personally I would prefer some special stages not track but a few special stages.
  7. The illuminated Truckersmp logo in different colors would be more useful
  8. Szwagier[PL]

    Edit Save

    Hello, is this modification option allowed? https://zapodaj.net/822d042ca5fff.png.html screen
  9. Hello, I am writing about editing the record in ETS 2, whether such a modified truck can drive in multiplayer? https://zapodaj.net/2be21355ce5e4.png.html link to the photo
  10. Hello, do leds that are on the top of the truck break the rules of the game? TMP? https://zapodaj.net/f9d328e2aa360.png.html
  11. came here just to say your air dancer idea is really good because I can't reply there. Submit a proper suggestion man :) 

    1. Szwagier[PL]


      This is my first post so I do not know how to add suggestions so that you can comment on it

    2. [TPH] +theo+

      [TPH] +theo+



      Please suggest this to SCS as this is more related to SCS then TruckersMP as we do not develop the game in general.


      Please follow this format:

      Suggestion Name: 

      Suggestion Description:

      Any example images: 

      Why should it be added?




  12. How will this event to EU2 be a brothel
  13. Witam chciałem poruszyć pewien problem, do rzeczy włączyłem Cheat Engine i speed Hacka na singlu tylko po to żeby szybciej odkrywać mapy jak go wyłączyłem to pojawił się problem, mianowicie gra działa płynnie ale w zwolnionym tempie czułość kierownicy mam ustawioną na full a skręca tak jakby była ustawiona na minimum o co chodzi?
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