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  1. Witam szybko i krótko bo dużo by pisać o niestabilnym pingu w TMP uruchamiam dowolny serwer na początku gry ping jest ok po pięciu minutach ping skacze od 1000ms do 4000ms prędkość internetu mam dobry irytuje mnie to bo nie mogę graj swobodnie, tak jest od dwóch dni. Czy jest jakieś rozwiązanie tego problemu?
  2. Szwagier[PL]


    Hello, I noticed on the TMP that there is a coach, but how to use it?
  3. Hello, I haven t played the game for about two months, I just had other things. I turned on the game and what? throws me out of the server for inappropriate parts on the truck, I will add that other players also have almost the same configuration edit recording. I am asking because I am curious why this is happening. https://imgur.com/bo5G1UR
  4. On October 18, my MP Truckers account will be deleted depending on a certain steam lock, including (͡ ° ʖ̯ ͡ °). Let us know so you don't ban too many MP Truckers accounts later. (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  5. So how do I duplicate these small LED lights and the floating parts will remove it will be ok? because he writes that it is possible to duplicate parts
  6. https://imgur.com/a/FkdkPgk Hello, some changes in the editing of the changes have changed, the option of duplicating objects on the truck is allowed so I am asking if such a configuration is allowed? because I noticed that quite a few players have this way and before I remove the post I would like to learn a bit about it.
  7. Hello, I am glad that there is such an event but personally I would prefer some special stages not track but a few special stages.
  8. The illuminated Truckersmp logo in different colors would be more useful
  9. Szwagier[PL]

    Edit Save

    Hello, is this modification option allowed? https://zapodaj.net/822d042ca5fff.png.html screen
  10. Hello, I am writing about editing the record in ETS 2, whether such a modified truck can drive in multiplayer? https://zapodaj.net/2be21355ce5e4.png.html link to the photo
  11. Hello, do leds that are on the top of the truck break the rules of the game? TMP? https://zapodaj.net/f9d328e2aa360.png.html
  12. came here just to say your air dancer idea is really good because I can't reply there. Submit a proper suggestion man :) 

    1. Szwagier[PL]


      This is my first post so I do not know how to add suggestions so that you can comment on it

    2. [TPH] +theo+

      [TPH] +theo+



      Please suggest this to SCS as this is more related to SCS then TruckersMP as we do not develop the game in general.


      Please follow this format:

      Suggestion Name: 

      Suggestion Description:

      Any example images: 

      Why should it be added?




  13. How will this event to EU2 be a brothel
  14. Witam chciałem poruszyć pewien problem, do rzeczy włączyłem Cheat Engine i speed Hacka na singlu tylko po to żeby szybciej odkrywać mapy jak go wyłączyłem to pojawił się problem, mianowicie gra działa płynnie ale w zwolnionym tempie czułość kierownicy mam ustawioną na full a skręca tak jakby była ustawiona na minimum o co chodzi?
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