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Found 18 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Proactive Kick System Suggestion Description: We cannot always find admins in the right place and at the right time in the game. Therefore, if there is no active admin in that area, using the in-game reporting system, if +25 people in that area report the same player(numbers can be changeable) that player will be teleported directly to the nearest mechanic station. So by using this system, we can get rid of players who violate the rules, such as trolls blocking the road, without in-game admins. Why should it be added?: The control of the in-game reporting system and the frequency of in-game admins' presence in the game may vary. To overcome such problems and avoid unnecessary congestion in the web reporting system, such a player rating-focused reporting system can be added
  2. Suggestion Name: Multiple reports Suggestion Description: Allowing for players to report someone who has already been reported by someone else Any example images: no Why should it be added?: I've too many times tried to report rulebreakers, only to find that they've already been reported when I try to report them myself. My suggestion could benefit players who, like me, for one reason or another can't record any evidence to back our reports, as having multiple players could add credibility to the reports, as well as a sense of priority and possibly even a list of witnesses if the offence happened in front of multiple players. This could also allow all the players who filed a report against the same offender to know wether or not somethig was done, instead of gettting the message "This player has alredy been reported" and no further info or update.
  3. hello everyone, I have the right to create 7 reports, how can I increase it?
  4. Hello everyone! There are two report systems for TruckersMP: in-game report system and website report system. For the in-game report system, you only have to make some simple clicks and it's done. But for the website report system things are much more complicated. From the admins' side I think it's somehow the same. I have seen in a couple of compilation videos that admins can see a perfect playback of the accidents. Since I haven't played on TruckersMP for a long time, here are a few questions about these two systems that I would like to ask: 1. If admins can see the playback in-game, which is actually better than the recorded video, why and when do we need online report systems? ( My two guessings: when not many admins are online, or when the perpetrator fled so we couldn't click on the truck. ) 2. Reports by which system are often reviewed earlier? Reports by which system are more likely to be accepted? Please leave your ideas or answers below!
  5. (Suggestion Name in Topic-Name) Hi there, my name is Elias and I'm playing TMP now for over 2 years. I'm one of the two Founders of the VTC "Thermo Liner Group". (For example:) Long Story, short Text: In the last time i saw many guys, who reported players, for example, ramming other players accidentally, but are not even involved or even took damage from it. It's kinda ugly to do that and so I came to the idea: (Suggestion Description:) What about making a rule, that says, that you can only report other players, when you are self involved or took damage? --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- - Rule-Example to add in "§1.4" - §1.4 - Reporting users [...] For reporting a user, YOURSELF need to be involved in a collision, took damage from the collision, had to avoid a collision or have been overtaken inappropriate. This rule does not count for reports with the reason "§2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing", "§2.3 Blocking" and "2.6 - Inappropriate Convoy Management / Car Abuse". [...] --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- (Any examples images:) Coming soon... (Why should it be added?) So what does this rule change and what are the positives and negatives aspects? Basically, it makes guys that are not involved in a accident or had to avoid one, not able to report. Of course, this rules does not count for Game-Moderators of any kind. Positive aspects: - Reduces the number of reports. - Reduces the number of "DC-Road-Report-Spammer" (Guys, that are driving up and down the DC-Road, only to make reports and spam the report-system.) - Relieves the Game- and Report-Manager-Team in the report-system. - Reduces the number of misunderstandings in reports. - Make it possible for involved players in a accident or collision, to "forgive" players, if they want to. (If there are more positive aspects suggested, i'll add them). Negativ aspects: - If the new rule get insert in the Service-Wide-Rules, many reports will get declined, till everybody has noticed the new rule, in the first time after the rules has been added. (But that is normally, when any kind of rule changed or has been added). --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- What do you think about this rule-suggestion? Do you have any other good or bad aspects? Please let me know! Best regards, Elias
  6. Suggestion Name: Search by old nicknames Suggestion Description: Old nicknames of this player Any example images: None. Why should it be added?: Many players change their names in the forum to escape some punishments. This can be solved if it is added to search mode, a way to find players by old names.
  7. Hello everyone, Suggestion Name: Multiple Perpetrators input and Reasons selections. Suggestion Description: There should be way to add multiple preparators IDs and be able to select multiple reasons as well. Why should it be added?: It can ease the process of creating and banning in a single report of multiple users who are involved in the same accident, instead of creating one for each user. Regards~
  8. Suggestion Name: Reporting a player Suggestion Description: If the player open TAB and enable the cursor, he can select a player by click in their Truck or name Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/FZMbOqw Why should it be added?: I think this feature should be added because its easier to report someone without crashing or hit another player by accident
  9. Suggestion name: Automatically kick players who spam their horn Suggestion description: After playing on Truckers MP several times, I have come to realise that in populated areas such as Calais, players tend to spam their horns several times, this causes other people to follow in their footsteps and do exactly the same thus resulting in a utopia of truck drivers sounding their horn. Example images: N/A Why should it be added? I feel that this feature is necessary for those who want peace of mind whilst trying to drive, without people blasting their horns. The horn is there for a reason, not for it to be sounded constantly. This feature will help reduce horn abuse at any cost.
  10. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  11. suggestion name: automatic crash reporter any examples images: No unfortunately Why should it be added?: Recently i watched an admin ban people on youtube and while i was watching i noticed that he was getting lots of reports at the same time which, i think, some of them might be little kids reporting randomly.. and sometimes people cant report other truckers who hit and disappear suddenly.. also admins dont have time to check all the reports sometimes.. So i thought about an automatic reporter which tries to identify a crash depending on the trucks position(front or behind), lane, speed and distance from each other. People can still report but these kind of automatic reports will be the priorities. suggestion description: Position working with speed: 1- A single lane, two trucks going 50-100 meter seperately . Front truck slows down and the truck behind him hits it. Since there is a long distance, the behind trucker is at fault for not slowing down accordingly. 2-A single lane, two trucks going -50(equal or less) meter seperately(possibly traffic). Since the distance is close, there is a new factor: Brake intensity. If for example front truck uses an unrealistic %80+ intensiy breaking and behind trucker can not stop, front trucker should be at fault. Changing lanes: 3- If a trucker has been going in a lane and another trucker cuts him off and hits him, the lane changing trucker should be at fault. If the truck has succesfully changed lanes(all of the wheels are in the lane), any kind of accident shouldnt be related to changing lanes but to "2- rule". If the lane changing truck hits brakes while changing lanes there are 2 situations: 4- If a truck started changing lanes on a city road 50 meters ahead of the other trucker that is on the other lane, the behind trucker will have to slow down or any accident will be at his fault. Even if the front trucker has %80+ brakes, the behind trucker should be able to stop considering it is a city. -If changing lanes on the highway there must be +150 meter distance behind the truck that is on the other lane.If there is less space than that and an accident happens: Either the lane changer will be at fault or if the behind truck is over the speed limit, they will share the fault. (Lane changing should be done less than 3 seconds on highway and 5 seconds in city to prevent any complication) (Changing a lane starts as the first wheel enters the lane and finishes as the last wheel leaves the lane) Wrong Way: 5- If an accident has happened on wrong way, the wrong way driver is at fault no matter if the right way driver exceeding the speed limit or not. For any other type of crash, exceeding the speed limit 5 seconds before the crash will result in that driver being slightly or fully faulty depending on if caused the accident or not. Passing on Red Light: Its discussable but in my opinion even if the light is red..: In UK players can turn left and in Europe players can turn right carefully. If any kind of accident happens during this interval, the truck passed on red will be at fault since the green light truckers is not supposed to give way. Blocking: For any reason (engine break, intentional, reporting, just crashed etc.) stopping on the road more than 20 seconds should be faulty. You should either f7+enter or be reported by this system as the top priority. (Because this situation causes huuuge traffic in busy areas) Im sure this has lots of flaws and can be improved but if a system like this somehow implemented in the game, trollers would have lessen in numbers and act everywhere as they act near an admin And justice would be served to everyone even if they are not near an admin.
  12. Hello, This question is for the administrators of the game and community managers. I just reported 6 person with their violent manuever on TMP. But only 1 report has accepted by LSPD Parrot. I am pretty confused if the 5 more reports are already rejected? Or just lined up for review? Thanks for the answer admins P.S Photo is cropped for perpetrator's privacy. Scrernshot:
  13. Hello, Why do we get negative ratings on our reports from the calais-duisburg area? Aren't we helping the community by reporting the rammers and hackers? I feel bad because I have to report swearing and wrong way drivers to make up for all the negative ratings I receive. If my reports follow the rules and guidelines, how come I get negative rating just because they are from the calais-duisburg area? And why is the rating system not public? Why do we have to ask the feedback if we want to know the ratings on our report? Isn't the whole idea behind the rating system is to give the users feedback whether their reports are "good" or not? Sincerely, Túrókarima
  14. 1. Rendez-vous sur http://truckersmp.com 2. Connectez-vous sur votre compte TruckersMP avec vos identifiants. 3. Lorsque vous êtes connecté, cliquez sur "my account" en haut de la page à droite, puis "reports". 4. Ensuite un tableau va s'afficher, il vous permet de signaler des joueurs avec des preuves et des explications précises que vous devez fournir, cliquez sur "new report" Vous pouvez également voir le maximum de signalement que vous pouvez encore faire. Également, vos anciens signalements acceptés et déclinés. Vous pouvez donc cliquer sur "new report" pour signaler un joueur. 5. Désormais, remplissez la zone de texte pour donner le maximum d'informations contre le joueur en question. Sur le lien suivant, il est expliqué comme trouver l'ID d'un joueur: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/3037-how-to-properly-report-users/ Une simple capture d'écran n'est pas suffisante pour prouver la plupart des incidents, car il est difficile de savoir ce qui s'est passé exactement. Les captures d'écrans peuvent être utilisées si vous souhaitez signaler des joueurs qui vous aurez insulté par exemple. Toutes preuves données doivent être valide pendant la durée du bannissement. S'il s'agit d'un ban permanent, la preuve doit être disponible de façon permanente également. 6. Une fois votre signalement envoyé, vous aurez la possibilité de voir, s'il a été accepté ou bien rejeté "my account > reports". Cordialement, L'équipe TruckersMP Correction by @Tristan [FR]
  15. I have noticed that in the ingame report system there is a red warning, that gameplay will be shared with the moderators. However just now I was rammed off the road, by someone on purpose. But the ingame report was dismissed... So my question is: How do I use the ingame report system on the best way? I saw on Twitch that a admin clicks on the report and then follows that person around. To see if something happens. If this is still the case that the ingame mods, cannot look back what happened. Then I know I do not have to press report, and just use the website's report system. And use it if someone is trolling around.
  16. I have an issue and I'm not sure who exactly to pose it to. Normally when I'm entering the time an alleged offence occurred since I live in UTC-5 I usually just add 5 hours to my time and enter it in but for this instance +5 hours carries me into the next day and I can't select a future date, should I just enter my time in then?
  17. Guest

    Report System on Website

    Just wanted to report someone for pulling trailer with car . used the tool on the website to attach my screenshots, but it keeps saying "an unknown error occured" when inserting the truckersmp ID. Happened the third time now. What to do?
  18. I was wondering about that. Doesn't seem to be hugely important in getting the report dealt with but it would be good to be unambiguous. The form should mention the time zone. JavaScript could be used to let the reporter use their own time zone, which would probably improve overall reliability. Still tell them that you're doing so.
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