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  1. oh, i had tried to open this topic in confirmed bug section but it was closed to new topics thats why i opened here, i will try tickets thanks
  2. i really doubt graphical settings affect chat... and im here reporting a bug im not looking to improve fps
  3. Gt 730m(4gb vram) with 3632qm here. My gpu usage is always %99 when i start the game, even in duisburg with 120+ people in garage. The moment i open chat my gpu goes to %50 and closing chat doesnt fix it. I have to restart the game for the problem to fix i. In other words for example i have 30fps, i wait a bit(1 minute) it stays 30fps, i open chat it drops to 15fps, i close chat it stays 15fps. Then i have to restart the game to fix this issue
  4. My game is running 60fps and when i press tab it drops to 25-35 range. If i have 15fps in city it could drop as low as 5fps when opening tab. 1- Reinstall the base game didnt help 2- Deleted all truckersmp ets2mp files and redownloaded, also used f1 function in launcher. didnt fix I also have another problem, my vsync has been forced on for a few months. vsync is closed in the settings and i have no such issue in any other game. I am an old truckers mp player and these two problems didnt exist before. i7 3632qm/730m/SSD.
  5. im playing with a ps4 joystick, its very fun. as you know we use r2 and l2 for brakes and gas. but the thing is r2 and l2 buttons are lighter at the start and after a certain point(%20-%30) they get heavier, because of this resistance difference i often find myself breaking or accelerating harder than i want. A linearity option in the control menu, just under the dead zone axis would be really amazing. BeamNG has it so maybe ets2 can have it too? edit: steering already has a linearity option so i assume it wouldnt be too hard to do the same for gas and brake
  6. I hope this thread insipires someone to do much better than me lol xD
  7. okay i know some of the things i wrote are complicated and probably a little unrealistic. The red light thing also applies to turkey but there are genereally also " you can turn left/right" lights. Anyways if only the wrong way and blocking parts were implemented to the game ,it would still give admins a huge relief by having them not work on these obvious %100 ban or %100 kick people.
  8. suggestion name: automatic crash reporter any examples images: No unfortunately Why should it be added?: Recently i watched an admin ban people on youtube and while i was watching i noticed that he was getting lots of reports at the same time which, i think, some of them might be little kids reporting randomly.. and sometimes people cant report other truckers who hit and disappear suddenly.. also admins dont have time to check all the reports sometimes.. So i thought about an automatic reporter which tries to identify a crash depending on the trucks position(front or behind), lane, speed and distance from each other. People can still report but these kind of automatic reports will be the priorities. suggestion description: Position working with speed: 1- A single lane, two trucks going 50-100 meter seperately . Front truck slows down and the truck behind him hits it. Since there is a long distance, the behind trucker is at fault for not slowing down accordingly. 2-A single lane, two trucks going -50(equal or less) meter seperately(possibly traffic). Since the distance is close, there is a new factor: Brake intensity. If for example front truck uses an unrealistic %80+ intensiy breaking and behind trucker can not stop, front trucker should be at fault. Changing lanes: 3- If a trucker has been going in a lane and another trucker cuts him off and hits him, the lane changing trucker should be at fault. If the truck has succesfully changed lanes(all of the wheels are in the lane), any kind of accident shouldnt be related to changing lanes but to "2- rule". If the lane changing truck hits brakes while changing lanes there are 2 situations: 4- If a truck started changing lanes on a city road 50 meters ahead of the other trucker that is on the other lane, the behind trucker will have to slow down or any accident will be at his fault. Even if the front trucker has %80+ brakes, the behind trucker should be able to stop considering it is a city. -If changing lanes on the highway there must be +150 meter distance behind the truck that is on the other lane.If there is less space than that and an accident happens: Either the lane changer will be at fault or if the behind truck is over the speed limit, they will share the fault. (Lane changing should be done less than 3 seconds on highway and 5 seconds in city to prevent any complication) (Changing a lane starts as the first wheel enters the lane and finishes as the last wheel leaves the lane) Wrong Way: 5- If an accident has happened on wrong way, the wrong way driver is at fault no matter if the right way driver exceeding the speed limit or not. For any other type of crash, exceeding the speed limit 5 seconds before the crash will result in that driver being slightly or fully faulty depending on if caused the accident or not. Passing on Red Light: Its discussable but in my opinion even if the light is red..: In UK players can turn left and in Europe players can turn right carefully. If any kind of accident happens during this interval, the truck passed on red will be at fault since the green light truckers is not supposed to give way. Blocking: For any reason (engine break, intentional, reporting, just crashed etc.) stopping on the road more than 20 seconds should be faulty. You should either f7+enter or be reported by this system as the top priority. (Because this situation causes huuuge traffic in busy areas) Im sure this has lots of flaws and can be improved but if a system like this somehow implemented in the game, trollers would have lessen in numbers and act everywhere as they act near an admin And justice would be served to everyone even if they are not near an admin.
  9. it says i have to dowgrade to 2v. [22b6d3f2d690] this but there isnt Please help i dont use any mods. I tried every beta's with 1.26...
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