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  1. haha that was funny :D, if youd wanna drive in europe youd play sim2, what makes promods especially special is the challenging kirkenes mountain, and i suppose when everyone took on the challange, it created traffic and people were even more drawn to it
  2. looks exciting i love long convoys. its about 1500km right? ill be there if i dont forget
  3. agree with everything you said. but wanna add a scale like 1:4 would be nice
  4. Sorry i just cant hold this in, everyone who played promods must know about the kirkenes mountain traffic. I find traffic fun but some people drive me nuts. I am at the bridge just near the mine and i stopped at the blue sign to give road to any possible truck who might come, and there is a truck at the little steep road after the bridge towards the mine so i just wait. But traffic doesnt go for a very long time, so 2 trucks with trailer and a truck just overtake me and wait ahead, also blocking the road for any truck which might come oncoming. I understand people might wanna pass afk but i am
  5. i believe deceleration is same at any speed. but braking while turning is crap ill say that
  6. stop wasting peoples time with your useless posts you have been playing the game for what how many years now and this 1 month break is crazy for you? Are you coder? Do you make events? You just do not know anything about the difficulty of the situation, disregard all of that and there are still 3k people in the servers in evening hours so i just cant find any reason to complaint, just downgrade and *wait*. Also like others said, we arent even paying for this xD
  7. I did some testing in beamNG and compared to skoda in ets2 frame by frame. I use a controller and most realistic braking intensity seems to be 0.8. You can set it from console. If your on keyboard i would set it to 0.85 perhaps because slow applying brakes
  8. patiently waiting to see the server with its glorious 4450/4500 +138in queue form
  9. oh, i had tried to open this topic in confirmed bug section but it was closed to new topics thats why i opened here, i will try tickets thanks
  10. i really doubt graphical settings affect chat... and im here reporting a bug im not looking to improve fps
  11. Gt 730m(4gb vram) with 3632qm here. My gpu usage is always %99 when i start the game, even in duisburg with 120+ people in garage. The moment i open chat my gpu goes to %50 and closing chat doesnt fix it. I have to restart the game for the problem to fix i. In other words for example i have 30fps, i wait a bit(1 minute) it stays 30fps, i open chat it drops to 15fps, i close chat it stays 15fps. Then i have to restart the game to fix this issue
  12. My game is running 60fps and when i press tab it drops to 25-35 range. If i have 15fps in city it could drop as low as 5fps when opening tab. 1- Reinstall the base game didnt help 2- Deleted all truckersmp ets2mp files and redownloaded, also used f1 function in launcher. didnt fix I also have another problem, my vsync has been forced on for a few months. vsync is closed in the settings and i have no such issue in any other game. I am an old truckers mp player and these two problems didnt exist before. i7 3632qm/730m/SSD.
  13. im playing with a ps4 joystick, its very fun. as you know we use r2 and l2 for brakes and gas. but the thing is r2 and l2 buttons are lighter at the start and after a certain point(%20-%30) they get heavier, because of this resistance difference i often find myself breaking or accelerating harder than i want. A linearity option in the control menu, just under the dead zone axis would be really amazing. BeamNG has it so maybe ets2 can have it too? edit: steering already has a linearity option so i assume it wouldnt be too hard to do the same for gas and brake
  14. I hope this thread insipires someone to do much better than me lol xD
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